Wifi Ripping Issues.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by leonhart83, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Hey Guys,

    I have been using wiihttpdumper for quite some time for gamecube games with 100 percent success rate and have been extremely happy with this homebrew application. I have tried dumping my first Wii game last night (Twilight Princess) and it stops downloading around 30-45 percent (I can't remember the exact percentages, but I know that one was 41 percent and another was in the 30 percent of the process). I am using firefox as the browser and the progress bar or the dowload/per/seconds does not change. The first time I have attempted this (41 percent) the wii dumper said that the connection was finished on the wii application.

    Does anyone else use this application and have had these issues? I have had seen some issues with wii games and the application throws up read errors etc, but it seems like wii is having no issues with reading the disc it just stops as if the TCP connection has just closed.

    I will try to not overexplain anymore. HOpefully you guys can help.


    P.S the game disc is not scratched at all, I will try another game in the meantime.
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    Probably a result of the wireless connection not being perfectly stable.

    Try to arrange your rig to improve reception, and/or keep on trying (It could take quite a few attempts, and a long time X_X)

    Stick with firefox as the downloader. It has been very stable for most people so far.

    I invested in a cheap LAN adapter to improve the reliability of my connection, and I have never had a single dumping freeze yet (dumped 20+ games).

    Other potential issues could be:
    Disk can't be read properly (bad condition?) freezing the dump (don't know if the dvd dumpers can handle this or not so this one is questionable)

    Other things i would suggest trying are:
    Trying waninkokos DVD Dumper (requires CIOS) aswell, it also has the option to dump via network (wifi) plus sd and usb support (a bit dodgy).
    Try dumping to a different hard drive (make sure you aren't dumping to anything FAT32 because that has a limit of 4gb!)
    Try dumping to a different PC on the network.
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    This could also be because of your router. At my parents house I can't rip games with their shitty linksys router because it loses the connection every 45 minutes.

    Whereas at my apartment everything is fine.