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    [​IMG] WiFi Night
    A Night Of Fun & Games
    Every Wednesday GBAtemp.net will be hosting a night of gaming action, beginning at 5:00pm-10:00pm GMT-5 (Make sure to check what time it will be in your area with this) Hope to see you there! [​IMG]

    Today is also the beginning of the upcoming tournament sign ups. Sign up by posting here. These tournaments will only be available people who have had a forum account for at least 1 month and those who attend at least 1 Wifi Night between tournaments. So if you have not been to a Wifi Night yet, drop by tonight. These tourneys will be held once every 5 weeks on the 5th week. There will be a prize from DealExtreme, another trustworthy site, or if wanted, just a E-check, costing no more then $15. The game for this tournament is TBA (vote for the game to be played here). When will this tourney be? It starts February the 15th @ 12:01am GMT -5 and ends February the 28th @ 11:59pm GMT -5. This tournament will last about 2 weeks. If you are trying to figure out what time it would be in your area, use this

    Sonicslasher is hosting these wifi tournaments.
    So come on, come all and join in a wide array of online DS games and chat with your GBAtemp buddies. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] More Info
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