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Grand champ and honorary beefcake: Yami
Runner up and smooth contender: rensenware
The 3rd place fury: Ahu​
The final day of smashing is coming April 8th at 1pm EST. This will consist of the loser's bracket as well as the grand finals to determine the biggest loser of all. Spoilers, it's me, suck it winners.

The loser's bracket is as follows:
losers brackets.PNG

The tournament page is also here for anyone's viewing pleasure.

Reminder: this tournament will be starting at 1mp EST, three hours earlier than yesterday. This is to accommodate schedules of the participants. A countdown clock to the event can be found below.

:arrow:Countdown Clock

All of this is going to be coordinated live on stream at so make sure to be there and in chat for coordinative purposes.
Below are your matchups for the tournament. Make sure to keep in mind when your match will come up, as the online arena can only hold a limited amount of people at once. This means that we'll need to have people cycling in and out for their matches.

smash brackets.PNG
Matches will proceed in order from top to bottom. Bread-Loaf gets pushed to 2nd round off the bat because of an uneven number of entrants. I'M BLAMING ALL OF YOOOOOUUUUU
Do your best to be on time for your match, as we'll only wait up to 5 minutes for your arrival before disqualification. The bracket can be viewed here.

Watch us stream all matches at

And as always, the countdown clock is below. Do your best, everyone!

:arrow:Countdown Clock

--------------------------Original Post Below--------------------------

Come one and come all, to GBAtemp's Smash Ultimate tourney! Contrary to our LAN play tournament we just held, this time, those who still have a means to access Nintendo's online services will be participating. Consider this the official thread for open registration!

"Why do we need a registration thread?"

Not a bad question; I'm collecting users' information here beforehand in order to have a tournament bracket all set up for when the tournament does go live on April 7th.

"What do I need to do to register?"

Easy, just post below with the name you'll be using when playing Smash and your rough location data (e.g. Meteor7, Straight outta Compton). Make sure to add the code SW-3018-5941-3903 to your friends list, as the tournament will be taking place in an online arena.

"Why do we need to post location data?"

Unfortunately, online lag is something we can't very well get rid of in an online tournament like this. My logic is that, in order to have the most fair tournament results we can, I'd need to mitigate as much overall latency experienced by contestants as much as possible, at least in the beginning. To that end, users will be paired in the brackets by how close they are to each other, so that I can guarantee as little latency experienced as possible. It would be a bummer if the would-be champion were knocked out in the first round just because the lag between they and their first opponent was so great, after all.

If you feel uncomfortable giving any sort of location, even your home country, then you can still participate. Specificity will make the tournament better, but it's entirely optional.

"What's the format of the tournament?"

The matches are going to be 3-stock games, with the best of 3 moving on to the next match and best of 5 for the championship. We'll be following the ruleset made by 2GG, which uses no items, no final smash meter, and allows these stages:

Starter Stages (all stages available game 1)

Final Destination**
Pokemon Stadium 2
Town & City

Kalos Pokemon League
Yoshi's Island

(The asterisks indicate that any stage can be picked in the battlefield and FD format, since it's only an aesthetic change. No, Lylat is not legal here, bugger off. >:c)

Depending on how many contestants we get, we'll either have two preliminary tournaments, or use a double-elimination method. If we have prelims, April 7th and 8th will host the two preliminary tournaments, with the top 4 contestants from each moving onto the finals. If we go for double-elimination, then the ones knocked out of April 7th's tourney will be entered into a loser's bracket to be held on April 8th, after which the winner will fight the winner of the first tourney for the championship. The loser of that last match will then fight the runner up to determine our ultimate 2nd and 3rd places. If even MORE people sign up than I anticipate, then we may have multiple preliminaries spanning through April 9th, with the final tournament on the 10th. That all depends on you guys.

For each day in which a tournament is held, we plan to start at 4pm EST (countdown clock included below.) Matches will be streamed to our Twitch channel here.


YES, we do have small cash prizes available to those who succeed and be the Smashiest Smasher who Smashes good. 1st place, our grand champion, will receive 60 USD (or local equivalent), with 2nd and 3rd getting 10 USD each.

SO STEP RIGHT UP, LADDIES AND GENTLEWOMEN, and post below to get yourself in on the smashing while the smashing's still hot!

:arrow:Countdown Clock
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Bumping to let everyone know that the original post has been updated with the details for the loser's bracket. The tournament will resume at 1pm EST on April 8th. Countdown clock and link to our twitch channel have been posted in the original thread. We'll be coordinating everything live on Twitch as it happens, so be sure to be there when the time comes.
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Aug 16, 2011
Whoa I don't know how I missed this before! Can't believe there's another Newfie signed up. Looking forward to our match dude!

My roommate and I said the same thing hahaha.
Unfortunately I had to take care of some stuff last night at the last minute.
Here's hoping we get matched up at some point during the next bracket! :D
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