Which should I buy?

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    Oct 29, 2008
    A friend offered me a PSP-1000 with 7 games, 2 MS (32, 128 mb), headphone jack controller, a case, and usb cable for 175 usd... i just saw in amazon that they have the psp-2000 for 170 usd... in any case i would buy a pandora battery and a bigger MS... the problem is... if i buy the psp-2000... it is really possible it can't be hacked right? i mean if it CAN be hacked i can use backups from my brother's games (yeah sure) so the games wouldn't be a problem... should i get the psp-1000 from my friend? do the new psp-2000's come with the unhackable motherboard?... sorry if this is noob but... i AM noob at psp's
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    I've heard that some new PSP 2000s come with the unhackable, but if you get a used one you'll almost certainly get a hackable one.

    I bought a PSP-2000, brand new limited edition Madden 09 one which was known for coming with the unhackable motherboards, right when the PSP-3000 came out.

    Boom; it's the hackable motherboard.

    It depends, really. The PSP-2000 has it's bonuses, such as Skype. I suggest getting the 2000 if those bonuses are really much of an interest of you. If not, just get the PSP-1000. The motherboard thing shouldn't really be an issue in your decision.