Which Passcard and Flashcart for NDSL?

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  1. zragnarok

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    May 21, 2006
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    Okay ive read all the threads and done all the searches and real all the reviews and i still dont know what to do... i definately want to got with a Passcard device (no flashing) for simplicity. Now here there seems to be 3 big players:
    - Passcard2
    - Passcard3
    - MaxMedia Data

    from what ive read the PC2 and the MMD are the same thing except MMD has some multimedia capabilities... but if i have say an M3 flashcart which already has multimedia capabilites, doesnt that kinda negate the advantage, or do I have to use some special MMD flashcart with the MMD for the multimedia capabilities? I would really like to use my NDSL as an mp3 player so a good player software is important to me. and between the PC2 and PC3.... it seems basically they are the same thing except that PC3 supports sleep mode.. by this does it mean that with a PC2, if i close my NDSL, it wont sleep?

    and now the flashcarts... i want a small (miniSD) device to be as flush with the NDSL as possible, do the M3 and Supercard miniSDs sit flush with the NDSL? what about the new G6? it looks like the only advantage the M3 has over the SC is that it supports Pokemon Dash and a couple of GBA games run faster... so if i dont care about Pokemon Dash and my GBA games being a little (how slow exactly?) then the Supercard is the one to get? What if like I said I wanted the mp3 player function.. can I still do that with a Passcard2/3 and a Supercard miniSD or does the M3 have a much better player? what about the new G6? and then theres the EZIV which i havent even considered yet.. sigh
  2. Tir

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    Jun 7, 2006
    Any mini SD one regardless of brand will still stick out by a fair bit, M3 mini SD is even bigger than SC mini SD and I think either looks quite ugly in a Lite (you'll find pics for them around somehwere). If you don't mind one sticking out then I think the Supercard looks nicer, but it drains more power than other cards so take that into consideration. I suggest waiting for either the G6 Lite which looks just like the Lite's GBA dust cover and doesn't stick out at all, or the EZ4L which sticks out a tiny bit (few mm) but looks so much better than mini SD ones. Any of these cards afaik support Moonshell, so you will have similar media and mp3 capabilities with all of them.
  3. kodos84

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    Jun 17, 2006
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    This is the passcard 2. It doesn't stick out and you don't need a pass device. Maybe your confusing it with the passme2?
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    Passcard 3 has now replaced Passcard 2. So unless you can get a used Passcard 2 cheap, it's probably not your best bet. You can read about the comparison amongst these in the following thread:

    Regarding flashcarts, so far the only device that does not stick out on the DSL is the EZ4 lite that uses a micro-SD. G6 lite is expected to come out in the future also claiming it will not stick out.
  5. Mario4885

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    Jun 14, 2006
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    Isnt G6 onboard memory only, no flash-card expansion slot?

    If EZ4 lite is the only announced product slim enough for the lite that allows me to bring my own flash card, thats the one i want. Card sizes go up and prices go down!

    Someone plz verify or refute this. thanks!