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    Jan 30, 2009
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    Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I've spent an hour searching and feel like I'm going down the rabbit hole.

    I'm using a "4 in 1 DSTwoPlus" with an "EZ Flash V" on my Nintendo DS Lite.

    It plays GBA games natively, but unfortunately, for the second time I've purchased this product, it no longer saves or loads any of my saves for GBA games.

    This is quite frustrating so I'm trying to think of another way to play GBA roms natively that doesn't involve the flash cart, since it's so unreliable.

    What are the best ways to play GBA roms on a portable device? From my searching on the internet it seems like 3DS doesn't have native support, but then I read about some "injection" thing which makes it so it DOES have native support? It's hard to tell.

    Again, I would prefer to run GBA games natively with a flashcart, but this is the second time my EZ Flash product has became unable to save so I'm getting tired of it.

    If I HAVE to us an emulator then which portable system and which emulator is the best?? Willing to buy any portable system necessary for this.

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    Mar 17, 2014
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    Why not get an Everdrive? Quality is top notch. It's not made in China.
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    Jan 4, 2017
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    I would say GBA injects on 3DS are one of the best "software" methods of playing GBA games on non-native hardware; at least, in terms of compatibility.
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    As people stated above, injecting GBA games in 3ds virtual console is the best native (using the original hardware) way of running gba games needing only software to be installed on the 3ds.

    For flash cards there is the newer EZ Flash Omega that has gotten good reviews and gets updates from time to time. If not there's the more expensive everdrives that were mentioned above too. For these you only need these cards, no need for a slot-1 card.

    For DS/DSi/3DS there is also Gbarunner2 that is advancing pretty quickly. It is a hombrew that is a mix between native and emulation. It is not perfect yet, but functions like link cable support to play Mario Kart Super Circuit has been accomplished.

    For PSP I'm not completely sure but I seem to remember that the best emulator was gpsp, but last time I tried it you could notice some slowdown, if I'm not mistaken.

    There's also the PS Vita that should support mGBA emulator, so not native but pretty good, though I don't have experience with the PS Vita version. Also it supports whatever the PSP can do.

    If you just want a handheld then there's always the Switch or the GPD XD Plus (or other versions of the GPD), both of which use emulation. I'd vouch for the Switch as it packs more games for almost the same price
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    The 3DS family does indeed run GBA games on hardware/native when using Virtual Console injection (AGB_FIRM) and is near perfect (New Super Ultimate Injector). I just want to add a few limitations:
    • No multiplayer functions (no Link Cable emulation, no wireless adapter emulation)
    • Each GBA game counts for the overall 300 title limit of 3DS Home Menu.
    • No support for games with special hardware (like Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation)
    These limitations are not a big deal in my opinion though.
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