What games you think are gonna be the best of 2013/14?

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    What games you think are gonna be the best of 2013?/14 Heres my list may be updated in the future.
    2k13 list

    1. GTA V Simply Because New story, New/same environment, 2012/13 ERA, Animals, and 3 different Characters with different Plots/Lifestyles.

    2. Watch dogs Because We can control things like the Illuminati!!!! lol jp This is gonna be a great game because we can control machines like no other normal person.

    3.The Last of us Because it is really a survival zombie game you really have to strategize to get where you wanna go unlike dead island that's an good game also.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 2013

    I'm not apologizing.
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    1. I am not convinced GTA4 was the right direction to go and though those trailers earlier look like they realised it I am not at the point of "definitely going to work".

    2. It was about my only good memory of a game from E3 last year. There are signs it will not be an all time great but it will probably be one of the few things I enjoy this year.

    3. They kind of had my attention during the rather nice video but how much of the game I will be sitting there remembering I Am Alive is a different matter.

    Otherwise strictly going on 2013 there has been nothing this year I have been gagging to play, indeed I have not actually played a new game in quite some time.

    Looking forward to, despite still not remembering it got rebranded as Fuse (I have been calling it Overstrike) that was one of my main positive memories of E3 2011 so I have to have that.

    Deadly Premonition seems to have a director's cut coming out.

    I loved Carmageddon (I even got on OK with the N64 version) so Carmageddon: Reincarnation has to be on my radar.

    Hopefully Sacred 3 can put right what Diablo 3 and Dungeon Siege 3 hosed up.

    Dark Souls II is coming out at some point and have liked what they have done there so far.

    I believe there is a Thief reboot in the works.

    Bungie's "Destiny" game could be interesting.

    It is usually in the coming months that we get a better idea of what 2014 will hold so I have had to be a bit washy in my response.
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    Yup it has been confirmed :).
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    The next season of Tell Tale's The Walking Dead is set for Fall; sorry GTA V, Last of US, etc. You're in for some stiff competition.

    Now, I'd love to list Transistor, but that doesn't come out until 2014, likely because we live in a cruel, uncaring universe.