What emulators need a gamecube controller or classic controller?

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    Jul 20, 2015
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    Does Blue.Msx.Wii need one cause I just downloaded it and downloaded the snes9x GX one too. Can someone give me a link or list of all the emulators that need and don't need a controller. Also can I use a keyboard instead of a classic or gamecube controller? Please help me I'm new to this.
  2. loco365

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    All of them require a controller of some kind even to just get them started :/ From there though, it depends on the application you're using. Some support keyboards, others don't. You'll have to check each emulator individually.
  3. marchrius

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    Jan 12, 2015
    Buy a classic controller and you're fine for 95% of the stuff that you can't play with the wii remote (including GC games, with nintendont).

    Classic controller pro is the same, plus is more confortable to hold. But it lacks analog triggers (used in GC games. They're still playable but you have to press two buttons simultaneously to emulate an half press).

    A gamecube controller is nice too; it has rumble, is perfect for GC games, sometimes wii games support it and is a good controller overall (although unusable with some snes games if you don't remap the buttons, something you can't do if your playing VC wads).

    I ended up getting a GC controller only. Shame that many wii games don't support it, instead they support CC (I'm looking at you, xenoblade and NSMBW).
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    The wiimote itself is handy for a good amount of emulators, but it's a common sense thing for the likes of snes9xgx: there's just not enough buttons on it to cover the amount on a snes pad - you'll be able to play a few games using it though. Systems that had less buttons on their controllers are mostly fine with a wiimote - the Genesis can be a bit fiddly, and games that require the 6 button pad are obviously out. NES etc are great though!

    Keyboards? Well generally if the emulator is of a computer then usb keyboard support is usually included - I've only really tried Frodo (Commodore 64) and that does have keyboard support, both usb and on-screen... BlueMSX though I only tried the wiiflow plugin with, for about 5 minutes, and played with the wiimote, so I dunno.. maybe! Try it for yourself really - I did get the wiimote working on it on Aleste if I remember.
  5. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Basicaly i recomend GC controllers if you got a wii with gc ports, 99% of all emulators and all VC games are compatible with it same for CC but GC controller is 10 times better to hold than the CC and doesnt drain power from the wiimote.
  6. Leo Alves

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    Dec 16, 2012
    I think classic is better for emulators.
    It has a proper design specially for NES and SNES games when the gamecube controller feels awkward
    I have a classic controller pro and a wired GC controller, and when playing in emulators or VC, i use the GC controller only in N64 games, for the rest i prefer classic or wii remote only.

    for some wii games like smash and mario kart i think the GC controller is better, but Classic has more compatibility. Games like Last Story, Xenoblade, Rayman Origins, Pandora's Tower, Mega Man 10, etc supports the classic controller but not GC controller.
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