What are your thoughts on the Free-To-Play market?

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by X_XSlashX_X, Mar 1, 2012.

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    As we all noticed a lot of popular MMO's have gone Free to play such as Team Fortress and DC Universe Online. What are your thoughts on it? Do you feel it helps make more of a profit through micro transactions then a monthly fee or just straight out buying it? Also what Pay to play games would you like to see become Free to play?
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    It's more like" You can play for free, but you're gonna suffer until you buy my stuff!"
    Take Project Blackout. Yes, you can use the free Credit weapons, but Money users will still OP the heck outta the game.
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    I forgot
    Is Rift F2P? I was interested in it when it first came out. Was gonna wait for private servers to come up but the one with the most progress died off, at least that was the last I heard about it.
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    it's shit,
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    I am not going into the mmorpg's because I don't like them but generally free2play games fuck themselves up by at least one thing be it non permanent unlocks where you have to reunlock everything after a month, be it pay to win with certain overpowered things being locked so only people who play can use it or just by being a general dick and making you pay to unlock anything at reasonable speeds. TF2 did it right but the new crowd it got when it went free makes it less fun than it used to be. Microsoft Flight is also a good model making the base game free but just letting people pay for expansions although the prices of the planes are a bit to steep imo. I have nothing against free2play as a concept but it needs to be done right.
    With free2play I naturally don't mean freeware like Xonotic or other games where there is nothing to pay for and are just free.
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    MOST games do it awfully. TF2 is about the only game where F2P players can get anywhere without paying for OP weapons and crap. Mostly due to the fact that almost all weapons can be found randomly by playing, and there are no straight-up buffs to anything.