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Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by xcalibur, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Jun 2, 2007
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    Ive been playing super robot taisen on the gba lately and ive found that ive really enjoyed it, more than any game of its kind(even advance wars which is really great) and i was just looking around online for similar games of the series and i found this kickass youtube vid

    i did some looking around and i found its just a remake of the first 2 OG games on GBA
    so here i am looking at this kickass vid(which gets better at about the 7:30 mark) and im feeling sad i might never play this awesome, awesome game

    what are the chances of this games making it into the US, let alone the UK?
  2. legendofphil

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    Nov 19, 2002
    I don't think there is that much chance of getting it on the PS2 outside Japan, the fact the GBA games were translated would help but if sales weren't that good it doesn't help.