Hardware Was there anything *new* announced on 29/09 ?


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Dec 9, 2006

I did not have time to really follow the news from this Nintendo event in Japan which was held on 29/09.

So, besides 3DS' release date, its pricing and game titles, was there anything interesting announced there ? Especially, hardware-wise ?

Many hoped for built-in rumble and/or vibrating stylus... they were not confirmed, right ?

Ah, and it won't be possible to install full games on your SD card, just downloadable ones (DSiWare).

Anything else ?


Info here

Nintendo has just announced the launch details and final features of the 3DS at its conference in Japan.

The Nintendo 3DS will launch in Japan on February 26, 2011 at a price of 25,000 yen ($US300). This is the same price the Wii launched at in Japan so expect it to be around the same price as the Wii was on launch in your country (Ouch!). It will launch in the rest of the world in March.

The design of the console has been locked in and is more-or-less exactly the same as the version shown at E3 with the exception of a different coloured d-pad. The system will launch in 'Aqua Blue' (the blue-black design shown at E3) and 'Cosmos Black' (straight black). It is a pity that the popular red-black 3DS seems nowhere to be found.

The 3DS will have a virtual console feature that will allow Gameboy & Gameboy Color games games to be played on the system. The 3DS will also feature Miis. The system will come the software 'Mii Studio' which will allow you to create Miis. It will even let you take a photo of yourself and automatically create a Mii for you.

The system will have a more robust wifi system, allowing you to share data through tag mode when the system is asleep even when the same game is not being played. The example given was that Super Street Fighter 3DS will automatically download ghost data and other records from passing 3DSs. The more games you play that support tag mode, the more data you will download from passing people. No information has been given as to the state of the online support on the system or whether friend codes will make a return or not, but the system will feature a internet browser of its own.

According the a rough translation of the spec sheet, you will be able to transfer DSiware from your DSi console to the 3DS. This is fantastic news for all those people who already own a DSi and would like to keep their DSiware with them on the 3DS. The sheet mentions that you will only be able to move software a limited amount of times and some software is not capable of being moved (DSi browser etc one would suspect)[/p]

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