want to play ds games on my 3ds xl

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    i have a few questions about how to go about doing this. first of all, is this a trusted site? https://www.ndsgamer.com/shop/page/...y46n8uKaVZfHWzlkGWvY4fxeHhQh6CFtGOBWczX6zsd4q
    If not, what is a good site? how long does shipping take usually from said site?

    I thought about getting the R4i Gold 3DS [2nd to last from bottom] is it a good card for playing regular ds games?

    Can i play GBA games with the R4 card?

    Will doing this keep me from being able to use the eShop?

    And do i need to turn OFF the wi-fi on my 3DS when i use an R4 card?

    If you need any info from me before you can answer my questions, please ask...
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