Homebrew Vwii freeze when using UStealth


Aug 6, 2017
When I'm trying to use UStealth(so I could keep my Vwii Hard drive connected) USB Loader GX freeze on "initialize usb device".

When I remove UStealth hidden mark it works perfectly.
Using UStealth R8 and latest USB Loader GX(r1268)

Any idea what I am doing wrong ?

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  • Faust03 @ Faust03:
    they seem to be getting worse
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    Yeah it seems to have been a pretty rough few weeks/months for spam. Sadly I don't have access to or insight into why/how it's getting past the spam prevention measures we have in place :(
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Disgruntled banned members probably writing script batches
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    Eh I don't think it's that, the content of the spam isn't all that different than what we've been seeing for the past like... decade. I'd imagine if it was a disgruntled banned member then the content would be different, not crypto recovery and illuminati shaman scams lmfao
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Never know
  • AdenTheThird @ AdenTheThird:
    Catboy brought up the idea of a new staff tier specifically for anti-spam to combat the issue, as several of us have noticed it getting worse with no apparent changes to prevent it. Any chance of this happening, or at least introducing a limit to the number of threads new users can post? @Sicklyboy
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    135357153715613756 posts by a single member in a short period of time? that seems like a task that would be better handled by a bot than a human
  • NinStar @ NinStar:
    bots vs bots
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    A new staff group isn't really needed
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    That can go bad say they make the new staff group and then start blaming that specific member for not keeping up with spam removal
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    @AdenTheThird, wish it wasn't the case but I unfortunately have no insight into that nor the ability to implement/change anything like that
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    Global Moderators don't have that kind of config access
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Banned Spammers a dating web page for bots!
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    If anything normal mods should just be brought back
  • AdenTheThird @ AdenTheThird:
    A limit on how many threads new users can start should be put in place. Simple, non-intrusive, gives mods plenty of time to respond to spam before they can do it again.
  • Psionic Roshambo @ Psionic Roshambo:
    Mod power abuse the best kind of abuse!
  • AdenTheThird @ AdenTheThird:
    It's just becoming more and more of an issue and I don't see it stopping until preventative measures are taken.
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  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    its raining hard
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    That's not rain that's air swimming
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