vWII and harddisk issue

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    Jan 4, 2007

    I have my vWII modded and installed the v52 cios (for WII Emunand support)
    Overall my harddisk (a 1TB Packard Bell with external power supply) works fine.
    I also used it with my WII and never had an issue with it.

    On the vWII however sometimes, when starting USBloaderGX, the red light on the drive starts to flash very fast (as if it tries to start-up the drive) but it never seems to start-up 100% and hangs up the WIIU.

    I have to hard shutdown (pull the plug) the Wiiu and after restart all works fine again.
    Say that the above situation happens 1 out-of 10 times.

    Does someone recognise the above situation?