Virtualizing macos using windows as a host on a real mac


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Sep 14, 2011
As a mobile applications developer I need to have a Mac in order to be able to develop effectively for iOS. I have a Mac Mini arriving at the end of the month which I'm planning to stick under my TV in the living room, using it as a Kodi/gaming system in the evenings, and logging in remotely from the office when I need to work on iOS development.

Assuming I want to use Windows for Kodi/games, then the simplest option would be to install Boot Camp and dual boot between Windows 10 and OSX. This, however, leaves an issue in that only one OS is available at a time. While this isn't the end of the world, I began wondering if there might be a better way.

The next obvious way would be to run Windows 10 inside a VM on the Mac Mini. This, however, means that the Windows 10 installation becomes the 'lesser' OS, and games wouldn't be running at their best.

I then came up with another idea.... How about having Windows 10 as the host OS, and visualizing OS-X itself - A Mac VM running inside Windows on real Mac hardware. I did a search on google using terms like "virtualizing macos using windows on a real mac", but of course all the results talked about installing bootcamp, running a Windows VM on OSX, and running OSX as a VM on non-mac hardware (PC). I couldn't find anything about this specific use-case. I would imagine it should theoretically be easier to create a more seamless virtualization on the real hardware, but I don't know if anybody has ever put time into this, perhaps slightly fringe, use case scenario.

Does anybody here know of anybody who's done something similar, or has anybody come across the idea being done elsewhere on the internet?
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