ViewSonic VX2757-mhd, question about response time

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    So I got this monitor from the Amazon Prime Day event for cheap ($149 vs $219), and while it displays decent after much calibration, changing the response time to Ultra Fast tends to make things worse with anything that moves/shifts/scrolls on-screen. Now, the description of the monitor (from ViewSonic no less) says that "An ultra-fast 2ms response time and low input lag mode also provides smooth screen performance free from blurring or ghosting", however, this is not what I'm getting when it is set as such. Instead of normal blurring/ghosting, it tends to cause some color oddity when things are in-motion, almost an inverse ghosting (where the trail left behind a dark color will be a light color, and behind a light color will be dark).

    Is this normal behavior for such a monitor, or did I get a bad apple? I mean, if it's the former, then why make such a feature so pronounced in its advertising if the actual result is such a degradation to the image quality? It makes it look like there's flickering or even micro-stuttering in playing games and watching movies that are in-motion. It makes the Standard mode that has some blurring/ghosting look great by comparison.
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    what are your pc specs and previous monitors specs
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    If it only does it on ultra fast, then it sounds like pixel overshoot causing artifacts.

    It's fairly common and is on a lot of monitors when you set response/overdrive/whatever X manafactuer has called it, to the fastest setting.

    There's nothing you can do other than use a less agressive setting.

    A huge amount of people are blind to image quality issues, so won't notice. Look how many people will claim their LCD has perfect blacks, yet switch the light off or compare to something that can actually do perfect black (crt, plasma, oled) and see how full of shit they are.

    Manufacturers are also full of shit and pretty much claim what they like (see response time being gray to gray for a lower number).
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