VIDEO: Pokemon X and Y How To Chain.

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Hello all, I got a lot of requests to do tutorial for the pokeradar, and since i'm not good with "tutorials",I decided to record a video of me chaining so you can see exactly how the pokeradar chain thing works.

    When I started searching about the pokeradar in pokemon diamond and pearl, I found a lot of tutorials of how to chain and all of them are talking talking talking just like you're in a class! I just wanted to see how the people chain, how they choose a patch of grass, when they have to wait and when they have to enter certain patch.

    So i make this video to show you all how to choose which grass to enter, I'm sure that all of you have watched that "talking" tutorial videos and still didn't work for them, I hope after you watching this one you will get a shiny!

    FIRST you have to be patient! (it took me 2 to 3 hours to reach 40 chain).

    SECOND you can't guarantee any patch, But the farthest always the better.

    THIRD memorize how the patch shakes (there's alot of ways of shaking patch, memorize your patch and go for the farthest one)

    DO NOT walk into a grass that is barely shake.

    DO NOT walk in the nearby grass, go for the farthest.

    DO NOT use your skates or bicycle.

    DO NOT walk so far from the patches.

    DO NOT run away from the battle, just capture or kill the pokemon.

    DO NOT go into any patches that are at the corner, it'll sometimes break your chain.

    * you can count your chain by the PP of your Pokemon till you reach 40.

    * when you reach 40 BE CAREFUL! you have to be concentrated to dodge all the patches and keep resetting the pokeradar till you got the shiny patch.