PS1/2 Vib Ribbon PAL on NTSC-U PSOne console: Can't get the game to work properly


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Sep 13, 2009
So I got myself a legitimate copy of (PAL) Vib Ribbon and I tried to use it on my PsOne (NTSC-U) with the LCD screen add on attached (also NTSC-U). however theres two problems:

1. on the little LCD screen, the screen keeps shaking up and down and on my samsung 1080p HDTV, the screen is positioned right and its in black and white. Of course I think its because of the whole EUR 50hz issue on american (or in my case, canadian) TVs.

2. I can't play the "Vib Ribbon Disk mode" (main part of the game), because it ask for the "vib ribbon" disk, even though its on there already. I'm guessing this is the work of anti-mod protection or something?

I did get the game booted up with the swap trick and using my game shark (not the whole swap while spinning trick, but just loading up gameshark, then putting the Vib ribbon game in when prompted while the disc tray is opened). It loads the game but the above problems are there. and I've ALSO tried burning Import Light into a CD, loading it up with gameshark and tried force loading BOTH NTSC and PAL video modes. It did not work at all.

So is there a way to get this fixed softmod wise? or do I actually have to get my system region modded. If so, Do you know any good modders that does this kind of service in Canada?

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