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    Mar 13, 2011
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    I had one year old never used WD formatted for Mac. I partition it with my iMac, reformatted as FAT 32 then used WBFS manager 3.0 to format bigger partition as wbfs, copy all the games from my original WD (for PCs) using wiims tools. In copying there was only one error, that was for SMBB. I played WWE 2011, there were no problem, then tried to play Mario summer olympic and it stared freezing right after game started (swimming): it made buzzing sound (like when the cable is disconnected on the TV). Then I thought may be I am missing some CIOS or something, plug the first one, was able to play it smoothly. So, I tested with wimms tools and there are no errors with the second usb drive. Now should I send it back to WD (would cost about $20 for postage) and ask for new one, or should I do some additional tests to see whether it is defective (what are they)?

    PS original system was 4.2u, I've updated to 4.3U. I have latest Hermes and Wannikoko CIOSes.
    PPS: I was trying to make the wbfs partition bigger (from 157GB to 310GB)
    PPPS: I am happy with UBS loader gx 2.1 and happy with wbfs partion, wiimms tools etc.

    How do I edit the title (he he [​IMG]
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    Jun 6, 2009
    It is odd that scanning your WBFS partition with Wiimms WBFS Tool gave the problematic drive a clean bill of health.

    If you run USB Loader GX off the USB harddrive and not the SD card, make sure that the gameload settings are the same between both the old and new drives. Other than that I would recommend re-doing the file transfer, and this time use the same utility to format the drive and transfer the game images.

    I know that you are happy with your WBFS partition choice, but the problem with WBFS partition format is that there are few options for diagnostics and repair. I would highly recommend changing over to either FAT32 or NTFS using WBFS files instead.

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