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    Jul 12, 2010
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    I bought a Wii from shop with USB loader CGF already installed without USB harddisk from them (Because I already got one at home), I use Wii Backup manager to format it to WBFS format and install some games in it, but when I connect it with the Wii, I only got the game list in text without related cover (I can play the game, but it will be hang sometimes), when I try to download it using the global function, it said can't create directory, what should I do to make everything back to normal

    Some background information :

    The USB harddisk I use is a 320GB, with Partition A got 4GB with FAT32 format, Partition B got the rest of space in WBFS format

    The USB loader CGF information is

    FAT32 mount : SD
    CGF Base : sd:/usb-loader
    Loader version : 57b5
    IOS249 (REV15)

    The shop told me to make two partition as mention since they said no SD card is needed, but a harddisk need to have 2 partition and the FAT32 parition is for these cover

    Should I need to create any directory or copy any file in the FAT32 partition ??

    Thank a lot for any help ~~
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    Reformat the whole drive FAT32, and redump your games to that. You simply dont need WBFS any longer.

    Upgrade your IOS249 (REV15) to IOS249 REV19, and also load up v5 of cIOS222 to cover all bases.

    If you need to, refer here for detailed instructions on the IOS install/upgrade.