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Today on WiiWare two games have appeared:

Snowboard Riot Hudson continue their assault on WiiWare with yet another WW title. This one is priced at 1000 points and as you can see from the title is a snowboarding game. It supports the Wii Balance Board, 4 player competition as well as get competition!

QUOTE said:
This snowboard racing and battle game can be enjoyed by multiple players and is compatible with the Wii Balance Board accessory. In an intense scramble for first place, guide your character down the slopes while snatching up items to attack and defend against rivals along the way. Up to four players can battle and participate in various ranking modes via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

For 1000 points there must be something wrong with it. Hudson WiiWare titles have been pretty good so far, lets see if this is also good. WiiWare World should have this rated by tomorrow.

Lonpos Another brain botherer appears on WiiWare, this one has actually already been released in Europe & Japan. It is priced at 800 points and has decent reviews, though none saying its essential.

QUOTELooking for a puzzle game that anyone can play, but still offers plenty to master? Look no further than Lonpos, with its straightforward premise and large variety of puzzles to solve. Each puzzle revolves around a rectangular playing field of 55 spaces. Using a set of 12 pieces, the goal is to place every piece into the playing field, filling it completely. The higher the level, the more pieces you'll need to fit correctly into the playing field. Challenge yourself with two single-player modes or bring a friend to compete against or cooperate with. When you think your skills are worthy, use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to check out how you compare with other LONPOS players or download additional puzzles and backgrounds.

Not for me but should appeal to others. It also features Pay to Play.

A date has been announced for LIT, which is by WayForward Technologies. Its a horror/puzzle title and looks pretty decent actually. The game will be available for USA on February 9th at 800 points.

On Virtual Console just one game (stupid lousy Nintendo ):

Sonic Chaos I prefer the 1st Sonic Master System game, but this one isn't too bad. Its the same sort of game as before, its solid and fun and if you're a weirdo you can play as Tails in single player. Problem is that its kidna Sonic lite in that it has no challenge and most people under the age of 10 would be able to finish it within an hour.

Some titles have been rated for release in Europe, these are all titles that haven't been released in Europe so its suggested that these could make the next Hanabai Festival. The first is Bomberman '94 for TurboGrafx-16 which is an excellent game. Its just like Mega Bomberman on the MD but its actually better. As usual for Hanabai games it'll cost 100 points more even though NOTHING has been added to it.

The other title rated is TwinBee which is a nice little cutesy scrolling shooter.

Japan's February titles have been released, this could be a good indicator to what could come out over here:

PC Engine

* L-Dis (CD, February 3rd)
* Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Supergrafx)
* Super Darius 2 (CD)
* Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race Wallaby!!
* Winning Shot

Sega Master System

* Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

Sega Mega Drive

* Galaxy Force II (February 3rd)
* Dragon Slayer: Eiyuu Densetsu


* Formation Z (February 3rd)
* Double Dragon

Super Famicom

* Tactics Ogre

More update on Friday when Europe's VC & WW games appear, lets just hope its better than recent weeks.

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