Updating from 8.1 to the latest 13. How do I do it now? (last used 07/2019)


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Aug 27, 2014
Syracuse, New York
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So I am aware a lot has changed in the scene in the past two years. I haven't played the switch since we were using Kosmos 14.1 and as such something like the AIO updater breaks my switch.

I have a Kosmos 14.1 setup with Emunand. I'm wondering how to update the CFW and emunand. I only have one game on my emunand - should I just delete emunand and make a new one?

Are we no longer using ChoiDujourNX to update? I'm seeing mention of a program called Daybreak for updates now. I don't want to burn efuses as I updated from 4.1.

Current Atmosphere 0.9.2
Current Hekate: 5.0
Current OS version - 0.81

Edit: Daybreak won't work on my version of Atmosphere apparently.

Edit2: updated to Atmosphere -0.14 and that seems to work. Attempting Daybreak to latest OS

Edit3: After a long ordeal, I updated to latest OS and then spent an hour troubleshooting my Atmosphere install, only to find that everything had been corrupted since I was using Exfat instead of Fat32. I am rectifying this error...now.
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