Updating from 3.3U TO 4.0, need some suggestions

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Scottdot2008, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Been a couple months since I've been into the wii hacking scene, so I just wanted to make sure I had everything straight before i just dove into trying to update.

    I've read a couple guides, all seem to suggest that the following order:

    1) first thing I should do is install BootMII. ( I don't really know what this is exactly, if someone could tell me specifically, I'd be thankful)
    2) Install cIOS, the latest one
    3) use the waninko updater to go to 4.0
    4) win!

    Now currently I have the following installed:

    Homebrew Channel
    Some random games (only "illegal" one is super smash for the 64, everything else I purchased)

    So my questions are the following;

    1) will this order of operations ruin my currently installed channels? (ssb, hbc)
    2) What happened to starfall? Or did that evolve into bootmii?
    3) what about dvdx? I'd like the ability to watch dvds without switching to the xbox
    4) Will I be able to run backups if I so choose?
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    If you can install bootmii as boot2 and not ONLY as an IOS, you can make your Wii 100% brick proof. Bootmii is kind of like preloader, but at an even lower level that doesn't rely on any IOS (provided you install as boot2) Your Wii needs to be relatively old to be able to install to boot2 though, like pre mid 2008 or something like that.

    If you can install to boot2 then do it (can do an IOS install along with it too either way, but if you can only do an IOS install it won't be quite as helpful.) and then if you do the boot2 install, whenever you turn on your wii you will get the bootmii menu instead of the normal system menu. You need to control it with either a GC controller or the face buttons on the wii (power to go right, reset to select) Wiimote's won't work. Anyways use that to make a nand backup of your wii onto your sd card. (Click fourth icon and then first icon and have at least 540ish MB free on your sd card. Also while you're installing bootmii be sure to install the new hbc along with it (they're in the same installer, just get the hackmii installer from bootmii.org and run that from your current hbc.)

    After you do that, if you don't want the bootmii menu to show up all the time you can just rename the bootmii folder on your sd card or go to the config.ini file in it and open it up in textpad or something and get rid of the # sign before autoboot=sysmenu and have it say bootdelay=0 at the end (with no # sign before it) This will make it boot straight to the system menu like normal, or if you want it to you can also change autoboot=sysmenu to autoboot=hbc and it will boot directly to the homebrew channel. I would suggest actually just making bootdelay like 2 or something so in case you do need to use bootmii again you don't have to change the config.ini again to do it and just need to press something on the gc controller within 2 seconds before it autoboots to what you tell it to.

    Once you do that, just follow the online guide from here:


    If you do manage to install bootmii to boot2 you don't really need preloader so you could skip that if you want.

    1.) This shouldn't affect anything with your current channels and in fact should be able to let you run your games from the SD card menu after doing it. (Just don't move the homebrew channel to the sd card.)

    2.) Starfall was outdated and replaced by preloader, which provides better brick protection and better hacks. Bootmii is something entirely different made by the same people who made the homebrew channel originally. Think of bootmii as an evolution of the homebrew channel with an added bonus of brick protection even better than that of preloader.

    3.) The hackmii installer to install bootmii and the new hbc also has an option to install dvdx.

    4.) As long as you have cIOS installed you shouldn't have any problems with that.
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    Alternatively, if you would rather hack the menu directly like Starfall would, search the forum for StartPatch. It's more or less like Starfall for System Menu 4.0.