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(Future) VTuber
Nov 28, 2013
Virtual Earth
United States
After being inspired by the thread "The Mad Admin.", I decided to create a CSS theme that would allow GBAtemp users to set a background of their choosing.

To use the theme, install Stylus (Chrome | Firefox) and add it to the extension from Userstyles.org.
Please keep in mind that GBAtemp.net Custom background only works with tempStyle 2 Dark. Please use tempStyle 2 Dark at all times when using this theme.

The theme is currently in a BETA phase. Some things may not be tested and some things may not be completely skinned. If you run into any issues or have a suggestion for the style, please reply to the thread or send me a PM either on here or on Discord. (My Discord tag is in my signature.)​

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  • HiradeGirl @ HiradeGirl:
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Wasn't me
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    Got around to playing A way out is pretty fun coop game to kill time
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    Me and a buddy used to play that, is pretty fun. Graphics were pretty good also at that time, I think what 5-6 years ago. --Edit yea was 2018
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    Surprised they never made a second one.
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    It takes two was their newest different theme
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    I didn't care for that one so much, but didn't play it much either.
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    I just played little of "Still Wakes The Deep" , just came to gamepass today, its alright, kinda creepy. I'm not usually a horror game fan, but it looks really good graphic wise, esp w 4k. I admit it made me jump a few times.
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    Anyone here using the 3DS?
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    do u have pretendo?
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    whats ur code?
  • B @ btjunior:
    i dont have pretendo sorry
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    oh ok
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    well if ur console isnt modded i suggest u to mod it
  • B @ btjunior:
    also, just curius, does the freinds app still work after the shutdown?
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
  • B @ btjunior:
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    but u cant play online games anymore :(
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    i miss going in other peoples town
  • B @ btjunior:
  • LNLenost @ LNLenost:
    i have a friend named Pineapple (@pineappleJuice hi). we played a lot the day b4 the server shutdown
  • K3Nv2 @ K3Nv2:
    I preten to know doe
  • BigOnYa @ BigOnYa:
    @LNLenost how well is the pretendo servers, you ever get kicked off games when playing online?
    BigOnYa @ BigOnYa: @LNLenost how well is the pretendo servers, you ever get kicked off games when playing online?