1. JonMegaTron

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    Dec 23, 2020
    United Kingdom

    I'm going to uninstall CFW on my New 3ds XL as I'm going to sell it (I already have another new 3ds xl), but I just have a few questions...

    From the 3ds hacks guide, I'm aware that a brick is possible if you have 'modified critical system software' and there is always a small possibility of a brick anyway, but has anyone had any good or bad experiences with uninstalling CFW? I'd just like to hear how the process went for people.

    Also, stage 18 on the guide says:

    18. You should boot into the regular 3DS Home Menu. If you do, power your device off and continue to the next section
    • If you do NOT boot into the regular 3DS Home Menu, continuing with these instructions WILL brick your device. You should join Nintendo Homebrew on Discord and ask (in English) for someone there to assist you

    If my device was not to boot into the home menu at this point for whatever reason, does anyone know what to do in terms of carrying on or stopping the uninstall process altogether?

    Does anyone have anything else helpful/any other advice about uninstalling CFW?

    I'm only asking these questions as I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. fmkid

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    Apr 23, 2015
    Well, I suppose that you know about uninstalling CFW is highly unrecommended. But also assuming that you don't care about and you only want a "stock" console in order to sell it out, then I would say that maybe performing a CTRTransfer (or restoring an older/primal NAND copy from the same console) and then formatting the console you could be ready to perform an uninstalling without risks.

    Edit: Also, I could recommend to you to perform a DS mode functionality fixing before to uninstall CFW, just in case.
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  3. placebo_yue

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    Aug 7, 2019
    Why would you do that? i think the person buying it would be more than happy to realize the console comes "hacked" and full of free games. There's people that even charge for doing it to people that don't know or care how.
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