[Tutorial]How to break the game limit on red button Sky3DS cartridges

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  1. johnbus

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    Dec 10, 2014
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    Did you modify the template you are using so that the writer burns the rom as a CARD 2 game without EEPROM?

    The crack should have had a pop-up window reminding you to do this after you modified the rom.
  2. Ricardo Toddy

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Yes I Modified, F8 and 98, correctly, 1 0r 2 games worked fine but, Fantasy Life,and anothers not work...

    I trying this for Powersaves use
  3. Luisma

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    Apr 9, 2015
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    Hey! SOrry to bother, I have some questions. Now, to have 10+ games, I just flash my first SD card normally, with 10 no cracked roms, and I have to crack the games on the second SD card? Or sould I crack everyone for every SD card? If I crack everyone, my 1st SD will be scroll-bugged, too? HELP!

    And, the method works if I modify a rom and a template, but when i want to flash a different game, do I modify the same template that I cracked for the previous game or a new one? And what happends if I get a new template from the website? I have to modify it with every single game I have in my SD card at that time before flashing it for the games already in my SD being recognized?? I'm desperate. U.U
  4. ragepyre

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    Dec 17, 2014
    i have a problem with savegames on some games like ridge racer and nano assault, they are on both eeprom no and if i try to backup and restore savegames after i delete or format, savegames not working, it shows no save data. bravely default working tho. i am using last disk writer 2.0.2 b1, crack tool 1.1.0 and template0423

    any idea to fix this?
  5. mundodisco

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    Jun 10, 2013
    I own a Sky3DS red-button, and now I am used to "doing the thing" (that is to say, pressing for 2-3 secs the Sky3DS button to avoid auto-scrolling of those games written after the first "golden ten"). So, apart from having to select those games with this procedure (and the blue light permanently flashing until reinserting the card or entering and then exiting "Settings" screen), both red and blue button Sky3DS appear to be identical...

    HOWEVER, I wonder something: how can I save games into Sky3DS microSD (as the blue button does, or even the red button card also does with the first 10 historical rom), after playing games that require "doing the thing"??? With the ten "golden roms" (or always with a blue button Sky3DS), after exiting a game, you have to push the Sky3DS button at least once to change game, and in that moment saves in games are permanently stored. And that is working fine (I have thoroughly tested). But with games that require "doing the thing", pressing the Sky3DS button has no effect, and I haven't been able yet to save in those games with my Sky3DS red button...

    Has anyone got a solution?

    Thank you very much in advance,
    from Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Jan 4, 2015
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  7. rainzo

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    Jun 7, 2015
    i 've a red sky3ds, a 16gb sd card kingston, using template 0529 and DW 202b1.
    i've put 2 roms on the card (majora mask and link between world)
    when i insert the card, the 2 games always switch, it stop when i press the button and the led flash.
    if i push A i can play but when i come back with home i can't change game and when i want to play again my savegame is corrupted.

    What's the problem ?

    Sorry for my poor english ^^

    edit : when i save, i can quit and turn off the console and if i play the same game, the savegame is always there but if i change game, my pervious savegame is deleted.
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