[Tutorial] Creating BCSTM files on MacOS

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    Hi everyone

    After installing two different versions of WinXP, one version of Win8 and Ubuntu in VritualBox, I finally realised I could run the BCSTM Conversion Tool 'natively' on my Mac using Winebottler. Here's a tutorial if you want to set it up yourself. I won't attach a packaged version as it's over 700MB due to the Wine binaries and supporting files. This is running on my iMac running Yosemite, but will no doubt work on other versions of Mac OS.

    You will need:

    a. Winebottler (I used version 1.7.31)
    b. The Windows 32-bit version of BRSTM/BCSTM Conversion Tool (I used version 1.1.1)

    1. Install Winebottler as per the instructions provided
    2. Extract the BRSTM/BCSTM Conversion Tool archive somewhere on your Mac
    3. Double click on BRSTMConversionTool.exe
    4. In the Wine popup, choose "Convert to simple OS X Application bundle with WineBottler" and press Go
    5. In the Winebottler Advanced settings, make sure the settings are as follows:
      1. Prefix template: "new prefix (default)"
      2. Program Installation: "This is the program, copy it and all files that are in the same folder"
      3. Include Mono: ticked
      4. No Winetricks are needed - not even dotNet (Mono takes care of this)
      5. App Bundle: Self-contained ticked
    6. Now press Install, choose a name and location for the App Bundle, and wait while it is installed (only takes about a minute or less). If all went well, you should see "Prefix created successfully"
    7. Quit Winebottler
    1. Double click on the newly created App Bundle version of the converter tool
    2. The first time you run it, Wine will do some setting up
    3. The conversion tool will then pop up!
    4. If you're converting from WAV, click "Convert audio to BRSTM". Winebottler apps have access to the Mac filesystem, so find your audio file and press Open. Then enter a name and location for the BRSTM and press Save. It will look like nothing is happening for a few seconds, but then a message should pop up saying "Done! File saved to: <location>". Press OK
    5. Now click "Convert BRSTM to BCSTM". The first time you do this, you will be told you need to install X11 (if you don't already have it). Follow the link, download XQuartz, install it, and when the installation completes reboot your Mac. Then start up the conversion tool again and continue again from this step. Now when you choose "Convert BRSTM to BCSTM" you will see an Open dialog. Choose your BRSTM file and press Open. Almost immediately you should see a popup saying "Done!". Press OK and quit the converter
    6. Your BCSTM should now be in the same folder as the BRSTM file
    7. Install the BCSTM file along with an appropriate theme using CHMM

    I hope this is helpful to other Mac users. I've been pulling my hair out over this for the past few days installing so many OSs to try and get these tools working, and in the end this was the best method for me.
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    The dev provides his source code for this. You can maybe get QT5 or QT4 and build a real, native OS X app.
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    If it were that simple, I would have done that. Unfortunately, BBCT (except on Windows) requires Wine (Wineskin, Crossover, etc... are not suitable) and it's not easy to install directly on OS X.
    I could include Wine in the OS X version but then the program would be too big to upload.
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    here, I performed this simple task myself since you couldn't figure that out (it was literally 4 commands)

    The GUI loads on my end but I haven't actually tried using the app.

    edit: the app might not even get launched on your end because I think qmake is building the project for my machine by default. (but give it a try anyway, it might work)

    There are 2 options:
    1. Typing those 4 commands yourself
    2. Me, searching the net, finding what flags I need to use to make it more universal and then uploading the more universal app here
    Ps. #2 wont happen

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