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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Sora de Eclaune, Feb 22, 2012.

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    A friend found this absolutely beautiful website layout and I just HAVE to use it on Tumblr! Now, we've figured out how exactly to make it work and we've got most of the recoding finished... There's just one thing that presents a problem for us.

    The layout preview shows everything exactly as it should be. However, when the layout is on the actual page there are spaces in between the header images. This layout is made with tables, so I assumed it was a cell spacing thing. However, when I went to lower the cell spacing number, it was already at 0.

    Here is the test tumblr. I've tried it in multiple browsers and all show the strange spaces, so it's not a problem only I can see.

    In addition, the spaces seem to be different heights. If you edit the cell spacing, the spaces get bigger instead of conforming to the pixel size you set the spacing to.

    Edit) As of now, the cells are made to be the exact sizes of the images, but it still does not fix it!
    Edit2) My friend has checked the cell size via the 'border' option and it shows that the spaces are actually inside each cell, as if the bottom of an image cannot collide with the bottom of a cell.

    The site's source code
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