Trying to run gba games without expansion pack

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  1. LcdaceRules

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    Mar 7, 2013
    I've been trying to play gba games on my ez flash vi. i found gbaemu4ds, but it wont run pokemon emerald. after long research, i found GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX. this version (latest) i noticed i could go through that message that says no expansion slot found and shutsdown the ds. it actually opens a GUI and shows folders and files.
    i tried to run different gba games, in NOR mode and PSRAM mode (whatever they are), but when i lauch the game, it shows the Game Boy blue animation, and freezes here.
    im really looking towards playing pokemon emerald on ds, so any advice is welcom
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    NOR and PSRAM are functions of the Slot-2. You cannot use them or GBAExploader because it PHYSICALLY uses in slot-2.

    Your best bet if GBAemu4DS doesn't work is a DSTwo (which has it's own emulator with way higher compatibility) or getting a Slot-2.

    I could go into all the technical details, but it won't change the answer...
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    Without a slot-2 cart or a DSTwo (or ismart/iplayer) flashcard, your only option is gbaemu4DS.
    Looking at the compatibility list Pocket Monsters Emerald doesnt work at this point.

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    From what I've heard on this topic, (and assuming you're on a Phat or Lite) your best option is a Slot 2 card. DSTwo would work but certainly not as well. If you're on a DSi, a DSTwo is your only option.