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This forum is sort of a 'remake' of my old forum, "Lots of PSP questions", but the answers will be under the questions instead of you having to search the pages for the answer!

Note: If you ask something, PLEASE use proper grammar. No text talk please. It drives me crazy.
Here's the old forum if you want to go there for some apparent reason.

Onto the questions!!

1.Are there any Homebrew programs that enable cheats in PSP/PS1 games? -How are they used? -How are their files organized?
~A: This video will help!
Just Another Gamer found this video through a tutorial. :3

2.I got a PSP 3000. Since I want to play PSP/PS1 games (Maybe N64) which CFW is best recommended?
~A: "The 6.x PRO series." -Rydian

3.When playing a PS1 game with multiple disks (Ex: Chrono Cross-2Disk) how does PS12PSP make it work? -How does the game react when you reach the part of the game where you need to switch disks?
~A: *Not answered yet. D: *

4. I want to play online for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Will my CFW get me banned from PSN?
~A: *Not tested yet. D: *

5.How do you make custom backgrounds/themes for the PSP menu/dashboard thing?
~A: "Backgrounds are simply images, put them in the photos folder and when viewing them in the PSP, in the menu you can set one as your wallpaper." -Rydian

6.Is there a video/music player on the PSP that acts like a MP3? -If not, any homebrew that can do so?
~A: Yes and Yes. Don't worry, you don't need homebrew for this. For your music, just make sure it is at least an MP3 format. (I assume there are other formats compatible, but I have not tested them yet...)
~~For the videos, I had LOTS of trouble with this. Use this program to convert your videos!
http://www.myconvert...o-converter.htm At some point in the video, a small watermark appears. Good thing is, it goes away fairly quickly.

7.What is POPS? What is it for?
It's the Sony official PSX system thing. It's built-in. POPSLoader, on the other hand, is a tool to change POPS around for compatibility reasons. -Rydian

8.Can you add your friends who have a PS3 account onto your friends list?
-Ex: I have the PSP. I want to add my friend onto my friend list, but he has the PS3. Will this work?
~A: *Not tested. D: *

9.Can you play games like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker together on different systems at once?
-Ex: I am playing MGSPW on PSP. My friend has MGSPW on PS3. Can we play together despite being on different systems?
-I mean, there's not much of a difference between the games and PSP and PS3 both share PSN right?
~A: *Not tested. D: *

10. ISO Ripper... How exactly does it work? Noob words please. XD
How I think it works: Crisis Core is in the PSP. I load up ISO Ripper and from there, the program copies the game from the UMD Drive to the Memory Stick.
-Am I correct on that?
~A: *Not tested. D: *

11. Is the internet browser good on PSP?
-Because Wii and DS are crappy with internet browsing...
~A: I have not tested it yet, but from Rydian's response: "Eh. It's certainly better than the DS, but it's not an alternative to PC browsing." I will assume it is good.

12. Instant Messaging on PSP?
-Self Explanatory.
~A: *Not tested D: *

13. Ok, according to http://en.wikipedia....system_software , Firmware 6.37 seems best for the options I want on my PSP. (I want to be able to play Dissidia 012 FF) So if I get CFW 6.37, will the PS1 games (and other various homebrew programs) work well?
~A: So far from my experience, they DO work well. I have not tested the N64 emulator yet though, but hopefully I will have that info soon.

14. How do I use TempAR 162.3? Any clear tutorials? Some of them are confusing. Oh, I plan on using this for CFW 6.20 PRO.
~A: Well... I can't really help on this one...I use CWCheat... D:

15. What can brick my PSP? I want to know so then I can be careful with how I hack my PSP.
~A: *Not much info on this yet.*

16. I have a PSP 1000. Is it slower than the typical PSP 3000? Will the PS1 games lag when played?
A: The PS1 games won't lag. :3 I'm using CFW 6.20 B-10
~A: Not really. I tested various games with PSP 1k on CFW 6.20 B-10 and they ran fine.

17. Uhh...what happened to my PSP's MAC address? It disappeared after I input CFW 6.20...
~A: *This I have no clue. D: *

18. Are there any clear tutorials on how to use CWCheat? The ones I find tend to be confusing...
~A: See question 1.

19. Chrono Cross freezes after I defeat the Mama Komodo! What do I do to fix this problem?
-I've seen somebody else have this problem, but I can't find their forum post about this.
~A: After much searching, I found this http://pspslimhacks....r-for-pro-lcfw/ to solve the problem.
When POPSloader opens, choose 3.52 and the game will start.
If you have any questions regarding setup, re-read the link or just ask me on this forum.

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Don't care about this thread but I HAVE to point out because it drives me crazy, you mean "thread" not forum.
GBAtemp is a forum system, This thing right here is a thread.
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Good job, but it's kind of unnecessary. Most people read the sticky FAQs, and your 'Troubling Questions' just seem like random ones.

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