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  1. R2DJ

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I just stumbled across this. Will I be able to transfer my WFC system configuration from my DSi to the 3DS? I wouldn't want to lose my friend codes and stuff like my battle records on Pokemon games. Will the 3DS support this? HMV UK has got this offer where if I pre-order and trade in any old DS console, I can possibly save up to £110. Tempting, which is why I asked this question.


    Also, if there are any other things that will be carried over when I transfer my WFC configuration to another DS, please let me know. [​IMG]
  2. Fear Zoa

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    The 3DS only has one friend code so no...

    Unless your talking about if you were to play a regular ds game on the 3ds in which case friend codes and battle records should be saved as they all save on the cart not the ds
  3. TyRaNtM

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    I think is very possible that will be a option in 3DS to transfer DS WFC data.
    DS WFC Data is different to 3DS data, so, i think that will be a app in 3DS for it.
    Also, you can transfer your DSiWare downloads into 3DS too.
  4. bigpaws

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    i think that it could be transfered when you transfer dsiware
    then again, there isnt anyway to get game info without the cartrige anyway
    im sure the ds mode on 3ds acts just like on reg ds including all friend codes and all
    all data is on game, not ds so just use the game on 3ds and solved!
  5. Nollog

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    Oct 10, 2008
    You won't be able to transfer them if you trade in your ds.

    The friendcode is made from system+game I think, so who knows.
    I think just your code may change, but who knows.