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  • Please, please reupload the Inazuma Eleven remastered games!! I'd love to re-play them but the links don't work anymore!!
    can you reupload layton and the last spectre undub? I need the patched version that runs on no$gba
    Hi there, if you could, could you reupload or send me the rune factory 2 full undub patch? The links posted are broken and it seemed to take a long time to put together and I think work like that deserves to stay alive :D

    hey there. i was trying to play inazuma eleven 1, but all the characters were black and headless. is there any fix for it? thanks :)
    Please help. I use DesMuMe and when I tried to play Inazuma Eleven 2 Blizzard Remastered, all that comes up for the game are white screens. Then it says that DesMuMe has stopped working and closes.
    Maybe you are using the wrong version of the game. You must check in the instruction, the correct one. Is not difficulty.
    apology, in inazuma eleven 2 blizzard, I have a problem D: when I put the patch does not read my r4 sdhc is a dual core, but is paralyzed reads
    Hey man, I know it's been a long time since you posted in your Phantasy Star Zero undub project, but I was wondering if it was possible for you to make a patch that only adds the JP items into the US version, without changing anything else?
    Bro,if you don't mind...Can you give me the link of Rune Factory 2 Full undub version that issue about DSTT already resolved one :/ ?
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