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    Oct 15, 2013
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    If you've played Animal Crossing: New Leaf (or any AC game for that matter) you'd know one of the biggest features of the game is how attached it gets you to the characters.

    List your top 5 Animal Crossing bae.

    1. Ankha
    She's beautiful and adorable. I love her color scheme and her bubbly personality. For some reason, the headdress always appealed to me, and how it matches her coat and tail and everything...d'awww!
    2. Rosie
    I've loved her ever since her appearance in the movie Dōbutsu no Mori (although she was known as 'Bouquet' in the anime, 'Rosie' is her USA localized name)
    3. Whitney
    I love her. Her eyes are beautiful like damn. She was also in the movie, and that's where I really came to love her, much like Rosie.
    4. Label Able
    She's so shy and precious, and one of my favorite parts of the game is seeing her progressively open up to you and start to appreciate your diligence of trying to be friends. My heart.
    5. Bonbon
    She's my bouncy little bun and I'll never forget her. Her pink blushy cheeks are so god damn cute.

    Your turn.
  2. Lilith Valentine

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Isabelle! I don't care if she's an NPC, she is cutest Animal Crossing Character! But she's like the Yoshi's Island of Animal Crossing, so I won't add her to the list because it's not fair.
    Ankha because she is.
    Cherry because I love the Goth look
    Label Able for the same reason as you
    Digby because he's basically the male version of Isabelle.
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