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    So I've heard a lot of misinformation spreading around about how the whole brick code thing for the Gateway stuff works, and this thread is to clarify some of the information about the DSTwo's Gateway Plugin, as well as some other general information about the DSTwo+, so that people know what exactly they are getting into.

    About the DSTwo+

    The SuperCard DSTwo+ is still, first and foremost, A DS Mode Flashcart.

    The DSTwo+ does not run in 3DS mode, and does not have any major functionality benefits over the original DSTwo in terms of actual software.

    While the DSTwo+ is reportedly better hardware, the difference it makes when emulating GBA games or SNES games seems to be negligible to that of the original card.

    The DSTwo operates by loading in special programs made for it called Plugins. It can also load in Standard DS Homebrews as plugins as well. Among the more popular plugins for the DSTwo is CATSFC (a Super Nintendo Emulator made for the DSTwo) and TempGBA (A GBA Emulator for the DSTwo.) These two plugins make up the advertised SNES and GBA functionality.

    The DSTwo+ MAY be more energy efficient from the sound of things, meaning that it's on-cart CPU will not drain your system's battery quite as quickly, according to a few user accounts. (These claims are unconfirmed, however)

    Now for the Gateway side of things:
    The Gateway Team is not affiliated in any way with the Supercard Team.

    The Gateway Flashcart is for all intents and purposes- just a CFW that requires you have a special flashcart inserted into the Game Card Slot to boot. This is the functionality that the DSTwo+ is intended to replicate.

    The SuperCard DSTwo+'s 3DS functionality is entirely just a clone of the Gateway that you instigate with a specially made DSTwo Plugin.

    The Gateway Team is well known for including Clone Detection in the Official Gateway software and when you run the official gateway software and it detects you are attempting to use a clone of the Gateway Flashcart, will proceed to immediately brick your 3DS system by overwriting critical system files on purpose. This is not "a bug" as the Gateway Team would suggest. It is entirely intentional on their behalf.

    At one point their clone detection code was even accidentally bricking the 3DS's of legitimate Gateway Owners, which gave them the nickname "Brickway."

    The SuperCard DSTwo+ was one of the first in a while that they have began to put into effect their Bricking Code again, and as a result, Attempting to use a DSTwo+ with any version of the Gateway Ultra software above 3.4.1 will definitely brick your 3DS.
    Therefore, if you do intend to use the DSTwo+'s Gateway Functionality, you will have to use Gateway Ultra 3.4.1, and only use the download provided by the DSTwo Team, not the link from the Gateway website.

    It is instead recommended that you do not use the Gateway Plugin or Gateway Ultra software at all with the DSTwo+, and instead just use one of the multiple FREE solutions for 3DS CFW, such as Arm9LoaderHax + Luma3DS, which you can find out how to set up HERE.

    The only advantage running Gateway with a DSTwo+ provides at that point provides is the ability to run .3DS roms directly instead of converting them to CIA and installing as CFW typically requires. Despite that one advantage, there are many many more advantages to Free CFW, like AuReiNAND over the Gateway.

    If you do not use the Gateway Plugin and Gateway Ultra Software with your DSTwo+, you are in no way at risk of a brick. You may still use your DSTwo+ as a DS Mode Flashcart no matter the case.
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