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Jan 31, 2007
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New Zealand
Entry Six:

Well as many of you know Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney has been released, now I've had mixed feelings about the game and whether it would live up to its predecessor. First thing that irked me is the the main character's name, Apollo Justice. It just doesn't have the same ring to it as, Phoenix Wright, and the originality of the name. Although Wright wasn't that original it still had a couple of puns in it thus making it pretty fitting. But Justice is just blatant telling you that he is some Lawyer/enforcer of law person with no slightly witty pun. Anyway enough of the ranting and more of the viewing...previewing
. I've played the majority of the first case so I do not have much of a great insight.

I inserted the Micro SD into my R4...the spring broke
. After fifteen minutes of trying to pull the spring out with no success I manage to fit the Micro SD in. I started the game.

The menu screen of Apollo loomed in front of me. Not much of change just a different court room in the background. The game starts off with a nice smooth cutscene similar albeit to the ones in the first Phoenix Wright but alot smoother. Now we reappear in a vaguely familar revamped Defense Lounge. Now the graphics in this game have had a bit of change and are noticeable but just. The graphics are now alot smoother, less jagged lines and smoother transitions for animations. These improvements are nice at the very least and still retain the series feel, which is great to know they aren't trying to deviate too far away from the series legacy.


View of entire court room, noticabley smoother

Now I was dissapointed in the first five minutes as the script was lacking some humour or even something marginally funny and felt bland. I had horrible feelings that this game wasn't going to turn out that great as the script plays a big part in the game's genre. But by the first decisive witness I had chuckled numerous times and was starting to warm up to the game after a slowish start.

Now the gameplay is similar to previous installments with the usual formula of witness - cross examination - find contradiction - repeat (several times). Now the first case which is a basically a tutorial in disguise had a feature I liked, giving you the option to skip the talk on how the court room works. Allowing fans familar to the series to not have to sit there reading the stuff they already know. New gameplay features are investigating options using the button or stylus to, zoom in on objects in your court record and examine them at various angles to find hidden clues (which was shown in Case 5, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney). Another knew feature is looking at witnesses body language and somehow using that to help you, I think it's pretty minor not much of a feature (I'm up to that segment in the case and are a bit hazy on it so will update post tommorrow sometime).

In the release thread I saw alot of people complaining on how they preferred previous games music than this. I actually quite like it
, yes it isn't as strong and as catchy as previous installments but they still fit the mood and there are some tunes that you will recognize and some new ones that are brilliant. For this game I reccommend speakers/headphones on as it makes the game even more enjoyable.

Overall, although I was skeptical at first, I am liking what I have seen so far and feel that it lives upto the previous installments and carries on with the same frantic court action that many people have either loved or loathed. Also this game is a fresh start so if there's any newbies out there coming into the genre, this game is higly playable without previous knowledge of the Phoenix Wright games, you might just not get some references to previous people or cases.



Edit- I realised how long and draggy this is, can't be bothered editing it right now as it is too late at night, ah well...night

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