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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by sethosayher, Jul 11, 2009.

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    I'm running AKAIO on a Acekard 2i with my sister's DSi. I have three questions:

    1). When I press the button combination for a soft reset (which is enabled in system properities), all I end up seeing are two blank white screens. I have to hold down the power button to restart the DSi and access AKAIO again. What's wrong?

    2). The DSi has a slot for a SD card on its side. Could I put games on such a card? Would AKAIO be able to read and play such titles? Do I have to format it a particular way?

    3). Is there a list of titles that have issues with trimming? I hear that some game are unable to get multiplayer functionality after they are trimmed. What are some good programs for trimming?
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    L + R + A +B + Down Oh and you are probably using the latest loader which has broken soft reset. So get the 5/30 loader in the download section.

    You can put games on the SD but don't expect to be able to play them soon. No akaio can't detect them either.

    Dunno about the last one but I use NDS Tokyo Trimmer and it works fine.
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    1.) There's nothing wrong with resetting it via reset button of DSi... I suggest you do that.. but if it makes you feel better try L +R + B +A + down.. goodluck!

    2.) No, you cant run games on SD card on its side. Its primarily for photos and music.. so it is like an external memory thing...

    3.) I dunno if there is.. but you could trim any games (with good trimmer such as those tokyo trimmer) and see if the wi-fi works or not [​IMG] there's nothing wrong with trying.. rather than worrying about what is what and what is not... see it for yourself [​IMG]
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    1) Soft reset is broken with the June 1st loaders. Use May 30th.

    2) Not yet. Wait until Twiizer hacks it.

    3) I use Rominator to trim. It has a "Safe Trim" option which prevents it from messing up Wifi games. No problems so far.