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    Jan 3, 2008
    To all developers:

    In order to help clean up the Homebrew Bounty forum, and to make it easier for judges to get started, I have added a category entry after each thread title. If for some reason your title is missing a category I probably posted in your thread and asked for further clarification. If you feel that your category is incorrect and you would like to have it changed, please post a follow up in this thread and include a link to your project and what category you want.

    We are aware that we overlooked an important aspect when posting the rules for the bounty; we did not clarify that each file can only be entered into one category. This means that a single homebrew release can not be entered into both the DS and DSi category. If you want to have your file in the DSi category please make sure it makes use of the extended DSi-Mode features (IE: faster CPU, more RAM, etc). Just because you have compiled your project with the latest LibNDS does not make it a "DSi-mode Homebrew" in our opinion. Please feel free to discuss this, as we are aware that this rule was not written from the start. If you are going to make a case for your project to be in both categories please provide examples of how it runs in DS-mode but can benefit (significantly) by running in DSi-Mode.

    -Another World
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