The Suffering .TDU files

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Hi, I am trying to extract the .TDU files from game The Suffering Ties That Bind on PC. So far, I've found that are texture files with DXT compression, possibly DXT3 or DXT5, doing some tests, I managed to extract some files with .dds extension, but the textures comes with several problems.

    My friend who is spearheading the tool to the file said he is struggling to understand the 0x30 bytes at the beginning (header), according to him, there is information about the textures. I'll be leaving his findings and a test file below.

    Thanks very much

    Option 1 -!vBN11YwT!-TXtr-y5IQRdGeVpg5a99lBU_1MZMw6QBJ1OJKWPkbU
    Option 2 -