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Thanatos Telos

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Sep 13, 2009
United States
Welcome to the S.B. thread

Don't you hate those pesky EV and IV training regimens?
Well, fear no more! This thread has none of those complex mathematical equations!
There are a few rules though.
1. No Hacked Pokemon or Specially Trained Pokemon!
2. No Pokemon that was Bred for Anything Other than Gender and Moves!
3. All Pokemon Must be AT LEAST Level 50!
4. No 4+ Chain Bred Pokemon!
5. Battles Should be Announced, their Results too!
6. All Announcements are Posted in this Thread.
So, leave your friend code and PM a trainer prior to a battle!​

And don't announce it until the other trainer agrees!


And how do you suggest you would know the other person is using EV-trained Pokémon or not?
Also, implying IV's and EV's are bullshit.

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