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Touko White

Jan 12, 2016
United Kingdom
The best browser for Windows and Linux (sadly not for OS X, but use WINE)!
It's also on Android too :D

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Super-toad 65

There's also a lot of language packs. :) Most add ons are compatible with firefox.

but why?
Goanna layout engine - good engine
Compatible with most websites that work with Firefox
add ons compatible with firefox
doesn't eat up your RAM like Chrome
no need for classic theme restorer
light and fast
works on XP and Vista still, for XP, it's optimised for Atom processors and netbooks
isn't a copy of Firefox or Chrome
secure since it's obscure and no hacker could be assed to code exploits for it
actually open source (I think)
works with FF themes
can download other browsers like IE can
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  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Doesn't really bother me two shield devices all I need
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    my ps4 is only getting network errors whenever i try to use the browser
  • ZeroT21 @ ZeroT21:
    @TheZander clear your browser cache and cookies, then restart your browser
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    can i upload midi files to the "downloads" section?
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