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    Hello Tempers! Zantigo here with a great new thread!
    Recently ive noticed a lot of threads just die out and slip below the pages and people never bother to look, therefore we get more threads with ideas or questions or info that get reposted when we have perfectly good threads with this information already. So I came up with the idea of a sort of index of threads which would collectively store this info.The major goal of this thread is to hold info of topics with any sort of helpful project or information thats not pinned.

    If you make or have made any topic you feel should be here that ive missed, feel free to post a link or PM me with an explanation of the thread.

    Also, lets try to keep things like game news threads and such out of here, im pretty sure at least 80% of those are going to be useless by Spring.


    AR Card Archive
    A project I started but passed on to elisherer, he started up a large site just for hosting various AR Cards for 3DS, its worth checking out, but the topic itself is pretty much updates and links.

    Kid Icarus Intensity Guide
    This is a pretty helpful guide to anyone looking to get kick-ass weapons in KI.

    Puzzle Swap Guide
    Its not really as much of a guide as a resource, its worth checking out if your really invested in Puzzle Swap, also hopefully this will encourage him to update the guide.

    3DS Tech Discussion
    A nice discussion. Worth checking out since it has a bit of neat info.


    Pyramids Level Editor
    Made by good ol Elisherer, I personally havent used it but I think any tools are worth being here.


    Colors 3D Artist pages
    Great place to find the works of some of our "local" artists from the Colors gallery.

    Mii QR Sharing
    I honestly do not know why this wasnt pinned. It is pretty neat and had a nice collection building.


    3DS 3D screenshots Wii/GC
    I think this was a pretty neat idea and a shame its not updated anymore. Still worth checking out if you like the 3D effect.

    3DS Web Browser tricks
    Its a neat little topic with lots of neat links, great if your looking to web design with the 3DS in mind (HA! RHYMES!) the only reason its in Fun is because its got the word "tricks" in its title.

    We Post Games We Want on 3DS
    A nice wishlist, personally I think all of those wishlist topics should be this thread.

    3DS Achievements & Challenges
    A list of Achievements I (and the community) made up for 3DS games, this was before like all of them
    had Achieves.


    New Super Mario Bros. 2
    A hype thread started by Yuki Amano, it had a ton of discussion and I figure it can be helpful to anyone looking to buy the game.

    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
    Good info on the game.

    DQM: Terrys Wonderland
    A premature Hype Thread, im sure hype will kick up around launch so its here.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    A hype thread by yours truely! Sorry for any broken images. This was before we got the gallery.
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    I think this list should include itself.
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    How are game news threads any different than hype threads? At any rate, great list. This should be stickied.
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    I mean thread that are all like, "ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF FEATURING SWIMMING!"
    They do have good information but eventually a hype thread will have that and more.
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    Finding that out myself.