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    Mar 17, 2009
    Allright, It's time for awesome screenshots for on your 3DS!! :yay:

    I am going to try, and make as much 3D screenshots that I can, of Wii and Gamecube games.
    Very maybe I am going to do N64 games too (not to sure yet, but we will see ;D)


    I am proud to announce that my own website is Online since right now!!
    It is specially created to view it in the Nintendo 3DS.
    It's a bit empty at the moment, but of course the list will grow.
    Note that I probably Won't add all the ones that I already uploaded here on this thread.
    Instead I will add new ones to my own site.
    I will probably still upload pictures here like I am used to.

    The name of the site will be 3DGamelayer.
    if you want to view it with your 3DS, then click this ULR:

    Latest Upload: Muramasa Demon Blade Clips
    *Next Game: ?*
    *After Next: TBA*
    *Next After After Next: TBA*
    *Status: Busy*
    *The 3D Images are downloadable At the SPOILER* [​IMG]
    Just download the pictures at the link, and put them on your SD card and view them with your 3DS.

    Muramasa Demon Blade:*NEW*
    Download 199mb
    *Note* The sound may bug at very few parts of this video.

    Super Mario Sunshine:*NEW*
    Download 183mb
    Recorded in widescreen mode 16:9

    Download 178mb
    lol at the first minute >_>...

    F-Sero GX:*NEW*
    Download 95mb
    Added floor hack, wich means in this vid, i've removed certain parts of the floor on the track.
    This gives you more of a flight feel, plus it looks cool in 3D since you can see all the way to down to the city.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:*NEW*
    Download Intro (DL 1/2)
    Download Gameplay (DL 2/2)

    Last Story Teaser:

    I finally figured out how to do this, more to come ;)

    !! I Have changed the list, so that the newest uploads are at the TOP, and the oldest ones are at the BOTTOM of the list !!

    One Oldie:
    !CLICK! Download Megaman 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Sorry for only 3 shots, making 8bit 3D pictures is hard work
    *Note: This is the NES version, and not the 3DS eshop version*
    *Contains 3 Screenshots*

    Sorry I Couldn't Resist:
    Phantasy Star Online 2
    !CLICK! Download Phantasy Star Online 2 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    *Contains 23 Screenshots*

    Aww look who has no arms and legs:
    Rayman Origins
    !CLICK! Download Rayman Origins 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    *Note* this is the pc version, so the depth of the actual 3DS version may differ from this.
    *Contains 44 Screenshots*

    Ashley Mizuki Robins in:
    Another Code: R
    !CLICK! Download Another Code: R 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    R.I.P CING
    *Contains 22 Screenshots*

    The Elder Scrolls V:
    !CLICK! Download TESV: Skyrim 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Looks very good on the 3DS!!
    *Contains 17 Screenshots*

    Is it a boy? Is it a girl? It's:
    !CLICK! Download Klonoa 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Nice looking game!
    Personally, I think this looks like a really good game for the 3DS, specially for all the platform lovers out there!! ;D
    *Contains 62 Screenshots*

    Creepy as Hell o.< !!!:
    Silent Hill 4 The Room
    !CLICK! Download Silent Hill 4 The Room 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Bloody hell, this game creeped me out >.<
    The game was very dark, and scary.. it was kinda hard to make pictures of it.(I was playing with 1 eye open : p )
    Anyhoo, this game looks Reaaaally great on the 3DS, pleeeaaase nintendo.. Go poke Konami to make this for the 3DS!! =p
    *Contains 81 Screenshots*

    Smokin' Sick Style!!!:
    Devil May Cry 4
    !CLICK! Download Devil May Cry 4 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    As I saw Resident Evil coming to the 3DS, I think there is no doubt they will also make a DMC.
    i was right about Monster Hunter and Fatal Frame coming to 3ds, so let's hope this also goes ; P
    *Contains 443 Screenshots* <<-- not a typo lol ;p

    Do want:
    SNES Surprise Pack
    !CLICK! Download SNES Surprise Pack 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Some can hurt your eyes, this is my first time making SNES games in 3D an I am still learning.
    Though the most of them are really good in my opinion, check it out!
    *Contains 19 Screenshots*

    Just Black and White:
    !CLICK! Download LIMBO Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Yeah, I know this isn't a gamecube game.. or wii or anything that has to do with Nintendo whatsoever.. BUT!!!..
    I think it looks awesome, and this definitely could pass as a 3DS game, just take a look at it for yourself and tell me i'm wrong ;D.
    IMO this can be a 3DSWARE release.
    What do you think?
    *Contains 26 Screenshots*

    =Mario Strikers Charged=
    *On Gamelayer only*

    An RPG that looks good, plays bad:
    Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers
    !CLICK! Download Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    *Contains 49 Screenshots*

    rock, PAPER, scissors hahaaa........funny... u.u; my lame joke of the day:
    Paper Mario !!
    !CLICK! Download Paper Mario Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    My first WAD game, and it worked surpisingly well.
    Exept for some background of the sky in some pictures.
    Everything looked really great!!
    *Contains 205 Screenshots*

    I wanna see her team up with Bayonetta:
    !CLICK! Download P.N.03 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    In one word Awesome!! : D
    The controls really sucked , they were like resident evil classic controlls, you have to turn your character before you can run into that direction.
    once you get used to it, the game is awesome.
    Too bad of the crosshair being double though, though it's not THAT bad.
    *Contains 91 Screenshots*

    I jumped a few times in my chair during this:
    Fatal Frame IV
    !CLICK! Download Fatal Frame IV Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game looked absolutely superb in 3D.
    though on the 3DS I noticed some ghosting... apart from the usual ghosts.
    anyhoo, there were plenty of times I wished I wasn't playing this game,
    I mean the game is awesome but, I just don't like ghosts popping out of the screen, and scareing the crap out of me too much >.<
    *Contains 78 Screenshots*

    For all the Smash Fans:
    Super Smash Brothers Melee
    !CLICK! Download Super Smash Brothers Melee Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This actually worked better in 3D then Smash Bros X ^^
    *Contains 84 Screenshots*

    Just Because he is Awesome:
    Shadow The Hedgehog
    !CLICK! Download Shadow The Hedgehog Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    First of all you will notice some annoying white borders at the left and top edge of the screen.
    I did everythnig I could to remove them but, nothing worked.
    the subtitles were a bit annoying because they moved with the 3D effect, so it was hard to focus them on the screen.

    But other then that, Everything looked OK!! ^^
    *Contains 89 Screenshots*

    Next up:
    Sonic Riders Sero Gravity
    !CLICK! Download Sonic Riders Sero Gravity Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Fun game, This would have been a good Launch title for the 3DS.
    *Contains 89 Screenshots*

    It's a monkey in a ball:
    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits
    !CLICK! Download Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    The game itself worked almost perfect in 3D.
    But taking pictures of this game was really awful, the game crashed every minute or so.
    But the pictures are looking really good.
    I have never actually played monkey ball then then just 1 level on almost every system it got released on.
    *Contains 50 Screenshots*

    An Action RPG:
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    !CLICK! Download Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Well, First I tought that this game would barely work.
    then it turned out it works pretty much near perfect.
    all is right exept the water at some points, and some very small graphical glitches.

    this game is the first of the crystal chronicles, and is in my opinion the best one,
    they really messed up all the other ones that came after this one.
    (exept for the Carry-the-chalice-otherwise-you-die rule)

    If this would be ported over to the 3DS with some enhancements or so,
    it would be a Huge improvement over the DS crystal chronicles.
    *Contais 136 Screenshots*

    Time for:
    Custom Robo
    !CLICK! Download Custom Robo Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I have never played this game before.
    The 3D seemed to look really good on this game.
    the world map looked like a tiny city and was very fun to look at.
    The battle seems fun too, but the game itself didn't appeal much to me, but that is just personal.
    The overall 3D looks good ;D
    *Contains 71 Screenshots*

    Time for another Mega Pack:
    Starfox Adventures (Mega Pack)
    !CLICK! Download Starfox Adventures (Mega Pack) Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game looks Supreme in 3D.
    The fur for example, sometimes is so close to the screen, that i wanted to touch and feel it.
    specially with the boosted graphics, the fur looks even more detailed then it already was.

    Everything worked perfect in 3D exept, water renders at wrong depth, and the stars in space look just plain weird.
    but other then that, everything worked perfect!!
    Even the crosshairs and shadows, and some HUD that were in 3D like the compass.

    I was very pleased with what I saw.
    *Contains 275 Screenshots*

    Arc Rise Fantasia
    !CLICK! Download Arc Rise Fantasia Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Everything worked very well!!
    Exept maybe the shadows that render incorrectly under the characters.
    Other then that, it looks beautifull!!
    *Contains 82 Screenshots*

    Another Big Title:
    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
    !CLICK! Download Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    It looks really nice in 3D!! : D
    Definitely worth a look
    *Contains 48 Screenshots*

    Like A Dream:
    Nights: Journey of Dreams
    !CLICK! Download Nights: Journey of Dreams Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game almost ran perfect!!
    Some HUD things may be annoying, or not, but other then that it was perfect!
    To me, flying never felth this good, even better then Pilotwings 3D!! : p
    *Contains 83 Screenshots*

    A Moment of Silence for This One:
    Conduit 2
    !CLICK! Download Conduit 2 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game looks Awesome!!
    If the actual upcoming 3DS version looks something like this, it will be heaven
    Check it out !!
    *Contains 58 Screenshots*

    An Awesome Fighter!:
    Blasblue Calamity Trigger
    !CLICK! Download Blasblue Calamity Trigger Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game Works almost Perfectly in 3D!!
    I defenetly want to pick up this game when it comes out for the 3DS!! ;D
    *Contains 83 Screenshots*

    A Special Requested Game:
    Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
    !CLICK! Download Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game looked very good : D
    No trouble that I have noticed
    Enjoy !! ^^
    *Contains 53 Screenshots*

    Aaaaand A Little One Again:
    Skies of Acradia Legends (Mini)
    !CLICK! Download Skies of Arcadia Legends Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Yeah another mini : (
    I'm sorry but I have tried a lot of diffrent methods, but it keeps randomly freesing during the intro, wich I cannot skip.
    I have made a few pictures though, hope I can make more in the future when this bug is fixed : (
    I am dissapointed, because the 3D looked really good so far, specially the ship floating out of the screen.
    *Contains 12 Screenshots*

    An Awesome Title Again!!:
    The Legend of Selda: Twilight Princess
    !CLICK! Download The Legend of Selda: Twilight Princess Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Awesome!! I want Selda Noooww!!

    ^^ Good game, I have added a bit of extra pop out effect in some pictures, not all, just a few.
    *Contains 85 Screenshots*

    And Now:
    Sack & Wiki
    !CLICK! Download Sack & Wiki Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game was a pain to take pictures of since it kept crashing and controller issues and stuff.
    But the game itself is really good!
    If you have never played this baby, and are bored out of your mind, try it out !!
    you will probably get a raelly good laugh
    *Contains 47 Screenshots*

    Next Up:
    Kirby Air Ride
    !CLICK! Download Kirby Air Ride Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I have Never before played this game,
    But wow this game looked fun!
    3D is really good too, only thing that bugs a little, is the speedometer I guess..
    But during gameplay it didn't bother me one bit.
    *Contains 75 Screenshots*

    A 3D Blood Bath:
    Mad World
    !CLICK! Download Mad World Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    (Had to use megaupload because I have uploaded it twice to mediafire and twice failure at 100%)

    This game looks sooo brutal in 3D.
    You simply have GOT to see it, All 3D works perfect!! ^^
    All the Comic-Style graphics really come out with 3D.
    To me watching it on the 3DS, really gives me the feel I can be a 3DS title ;D
    *Contains 98 Screenshots*

    A 3D Board-Game:
    Mario Party 8
    !CLICK! Download Mario Party 8 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game works really well in 3D!
    I wish you guys could see the balloons moving on scren, it was mindblowing.
    Rest of the game is really fun too with the extra depth.
    *Contains 78 Screenshots*

    Special Requested PC Game:
    Mass Effect 2
    !CLICK! Download Mass Effect 2 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    *Contains 55 Screenshots*

    Another Perfect 3D Game!!:
    Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City
    !CLICK! Download Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game works Flawless in 3D, Every HUD and textbubble was rendered nicely where it belongs.
    I wish you guys could have seen the moving world,
    Like when you are walking towards the screen see the houses and the trees shrinking in the distance
    and vice versa, when you walk away from the screen , you see everything pop out of the ground with great 3D effects!! [​IMG]
    The screenshots are awesome too, I never really liked animal crossing, but in 3D it's really something else!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 52 Screenshots*

    An Awesome Side-Scroller!:
    Viewtiful Joe
    !CLICK! Download Viewtiful Joe Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    The 3D in this game is PERFECT, All HUD is perfectly rendered.
    Only downside is that it crashes for me after the first boss [​IMG]
    *Contains 59 Screenshots*

    The Long Awaited:
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    !CLICK! Download Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Really cool game [​IMG] Specially in 3D!
    It really gave me a good feeling, walking in the beginning mansion in 3D.
    The lighting and depth were both awesome!! [​IMG] check it out!
    *Contains 48 Screenshots*

    This Time, A Space Shooter!:
    Star Fox: Assault
    !CLICK! Download Star Fox: Assault Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    In this pack, I have done something tiny different.
    I have first created a few pictures with normal depth 3D, and the folowing pictures wich depth and pop-out effect.
    It looks really good, though sometimes for some people can be hard to see:
    Try looking in the distance where the action is rather then looking at the main character's spaceship instead.
    Note that in 3D play its easier to get used to, rather then Still image.

    In overall, the game looks Really cool in 3D in my opinion!! :yay:
    *Contains 73 Screenshots*

    A real classic for you ment to be seen on the 3DS!:
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    !CLICK! Download Donkey Kong Country Returns Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    First I wanted to say, I gave the Pop-out effect a real boost, and looks GREAT!! [​IMG] In my opinion [​IMG].
    You MUST check this baby out.
    A playtrough at the first level.
    *Contains 53 Screenshots*

    A Re-upload of the original:
    Muramasa Demon Blade (Mega Pack)
    !CLICK! Download Muramasa Demon Blade (Mega Pack) Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I have taken More pics, Better graphics quality then the original, and better lighting.
    Enjoy!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 129 Screenshots*

    A True Must-be-released-to-3DS Title!!:
    Luigi's Mansion (Mega Pack)*NEW*
    !CLICK! Download Luigi's Mansion (Mega Pack) Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    *Fixed TWICE*
    This game looks AWESOME!! [​IMG]
    Dispite it being the first or one of the first Gamecube titles out there..
    It still looks really Awesome, and the 3D works perfectly with this baby.
    Check it out!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 160 Screenshots*

    A Mini This Time:
    Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door (Mini)
    !CLICK! Download Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Why this mini?
    Well, it looked really REALLY good in 3D.
    Exept for the fact that the Text bubbles and Every other type of HUD were messing a lot with the 3D [​IMG]
    I could only manage to take clear shots during a cutscene or something where there was no text at all for a brief second.

    But as far for the 3D itself, it looks AWESOME!! [​IMG]
    This really gives you a feel of how the upcoming Paper mario for 3DS may feel like.
    (the 3D is diffrent than that of Super Paper mario, i think, at least for me.
    This one feels better)
    *Contains 18 Screenshots*

    It Is Finally Time for !!:
    !CLICK! Download Xenoblade Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    So I've Finally got to try Xenoblade.
    Though the game looked cool, good graphics and stuff,
    It just didn't quite catch me as I tought it would [​IMG].
    Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but I think I rather stick to The Last Story.
    The game felth similar in battle, but looked much better.
    (Besides the main character (at least I think it is, the blonde boy?) Is ugly, And I hate my main characters ugly !! [​IMG] [​IMG])
    Anyhoo, the game in overall is good [​IMG]

    Also this game had that annoying HUD problem again,
    so I was forced to take away a lot of the Depth,
    but there still are some nice pics in it anyhoo [​IMG]
    *Contains 112 Screenshots*

    Are U Ready?:
    Monster Hunter Tri (Mega Pack)
    !CLICK! Download Monster Hunter Tri (Mega Pack) Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    A lot of you guys asking me for a bigger and better Screenshot Pack for Monster Hunter Tri.
    Well here it is!! [​IMG]
    I couldnt get to 5 star missions to take Rathalos screens, but I got some nice shots anyhoo.
    I also pushed the 3D depth further compared to the last MH Tri pack.
    Also I have included Bosses in this baby.
    Soooo, Enjoy [​IMG]!!!
    *Contains 129 Screenshots*

    The One U Guys Wanted:
    The Last Story
    !CLICK! Download The Last Story Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    !CLICK! Download via MediaFire !CLICK! (Thanks mdlmemorybank)
    I never played this game before.
    The Graphics seemed almost like ps3/xbox360 graphics to me [​IMG]
    It looked verrrry good!
    Also the 3D was good like No More Heroes 2 in my opinion [​IMG] !!
    *Contains 46 Screenshots*

    The Highly Demanded:
    No More Heroes 2
    !CLICK! Download No More Heroes 2 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Wow I have never played the Second one, only th first.
    This on plays and looks soo much better.
    The 3D works superb too!! no flaws that I could find!! [​IMG]
    You guys did good requesting this baby!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 99 Screenshots*

    The Long Awaited!!:
    Super Mario Galaxy
    !CLICK! Download Super Mario Galaxy Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Oh my god.. this game.. Oh my god [​IMG]
    This game was meant to be in 3D, The HUD stays nice in place So there is no 3D depth limitation this time, unlike the previous 3 uploads.
    The flying parts really stunned me!! Check it out right now!!
    (There are a few shots from the beginning of the game that are low quality, I took those shots before I knew about the high quality shot-taking.
    but only a few, so don't worry too much about it (mainly in town and the first tutorial planet with the bunnies are low quality, rest is high)
    *Contains 86 Screenshots*

    Who ordered a Shooter?:
    Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
    !CLICK! Download Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I Demand a new Metroid Prime game, or remake, I don't care, For the 3DS NOW!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 99 Screenshots*

    Fighter Time!!:
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom
    !CLICK! Download Tatsunoko vs Capcom Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Also in this game, The HUD is really annoying, I had to lower a lot of the depth just so the bars wouldnt affect eyestrain too much.
    It still looks good though ^^
    *Contains 88 Screenshots*

    Another Awesome Title!!:
    !CLICK! Download Pikmin Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Kay, First of all, The HUD kinda bugged me, so I hope it won't hurt some of you guy's eyes.

    Now that's been told, For me, I kinda forgot how cool this game was.
    Dispite the HUD buggyness that doesnt render too well in 3D, It still gave me a good feeling playing it in 3D.
    If this was added on the launch list of the 3DS , I would DEFINITELY pick this baby up instead of Street Fighter (#^^)
    *Contains 73 Screenshots*

    And now:
    Fragile Dreams
    !CLICK! Download Fragile Dreams Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I like dark and spooky settings, and this game has a dark and spooky setting =^^=
    *Contains 53 Screenshots*

    Here it is:
    Metroid: Other M
    !CLICK! Download Metroid Other M Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Personally I love 2D metroid games the best, Super metroid and metroid Fusion rocked!! [​IMG]
    Aaaand so does this game, with its 2D/3D gameplay it also makes this one of my fav metroid game!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 46 Screenshots*

    This time a 3D Fighter!!:
    Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special
    !CLICK! Download Naruto Shippuuden Gekitou Ninja Taisen Special Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I think this game will look gorgeous on the 3DS [​IMG]!!
    But on the other hand... There are soooo many naruto games XD
    But oh well [​IMG], it looks good, so what the heck.
    *Contains 83 Screenshots*

    And for the next one:
    Resident Evil 4
    !CLICK! Download Resident Evil 4 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Awesome to play Horror games in 3D [​IMG] !!
    The people really startle you more then when playing on 2D mode.
    I have improved the quality of the images, they are clearer, better colors, and sharper.
    So It almost looks like its running from the 3DS itself [​IMG] [​IMG]
    *Contains 44 Screenshots*

    *From THIS point and UP, The image quality has been improved*
    *And sorry, I won't be able to fix the previous ones, since the main files are low quality.*

    Another Cool Title:
    Sin and Punishment 2 Star Successor
    !CLICK! Download Sin and Punishment 2 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Allright, THIS game is Awesome in 3D!! [​IMG]
    I really like one on the 3DS (#^^)
    *Contains 46 Screenshots*

    And the surprice I promised !!:
    The Legend of Selda: Ocarina of Time
    !CLICK! Download Ocarina of Time Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I Don't think I need to comment here!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 50 Screenshots*

    Time for:
    Sonic and the Black Knight
    !CLICK! Download Sonic and the Black Knight Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I have nothing much to say about this game, It looks good though [​IMG]
    But, I'm not much of a sonic fan anymore, sonic adventure 1 and 2 were, in my opinion, the 2 last sonic games that were awesome [​IMG]
    *Contains 33 Screenshots*

    Now it's Time forrrr:
    The Legend of Selda: The Windwaker (yes I say it with an S)
    !CLICK! Download The Legend of Selda: The Windwaker Gameplay 3D Screenshots
    Wow, This game looked really good in 3D!!
    Now I'm REALLY looking forward for Selda on 3DS!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 61 Screenshots*

    Super Paper Mario
    !CLICK! Download Super Paper Mario Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Really fun game!! [​IMG]
    Though I prefer the Turn-based versions of the Mario rpgs.
    *Contains 22 Screenshots*

    Super Smash Brothers X
    !CLICK Download Super Smash Bros X Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Would be Cool if there was a 3DS version with wifi battles n stuff [​IMG]
    *Contains 42 Screenshots*

    And NOW:
    Mario Kart Wii
    Link Updated (April 5) to a smaller file sise 9.6mb
    !CLICK! Download Mario Kart Wii Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    This game, is always fun [​IMG]
    *Contains 58 Screenshots*

    Monster Hunter 3
    Link Updated (April 5) to a smaller file sise 4.4mb
    !CLICK! Download Monster Hunter 3 Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    While playing MH3 in 3D,
    I noticed hitting monsters is way easier.
    In 2D mode, I usually have trouble landing hits sometimes, I miss by like 1 feet or something. [​IMG]
    But in 3D That problem is totally gone!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 29 Screenshots*

    It's Time for:
    Pokemon Battle Revolution
    Link Updated (April 5) to a smaller file sise 7.5mb
    !CLICK! Download Pokemon BR Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I Reaaally Want a Pokemon in 3D [​IMG]
    *Contains 48 Screenshots*

    Next up:
    F-Zero GX
    Link Updated (April 5) to a smaller file sise 3.4mb
    !CLICK! Download F-Zero GX Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    I loooove this game, Its so fast, and you fly all upside down and stuff >.>
    Hope this comes for 3DS too!! [​IMG]
    *Contains 17 Screenshots*

    First game is:
    Muramasa: The Demon Blade
    Link Updated (April 4) to a smaller file sise 2.2mb
    !CLICK! Download Muramasa Gameplay 3D Screenshots !CLICK!
    Omg I really want this game to come on 3DS!!
    It looks soo good, don't you think?
    *Contains 12 Screenshots*

    3DS Ultra Pack #2

    Contains All Pictures Uploaded by Me from The Second Muramasa Upload Till Shadow The Hedgehog

    3DS Ultra Pack #1

    Contains All Pictures Uploaded by Me from The First Muramasa Upload Till Luigi's Mansion

    Credits to:
    A friend of ShadowSonic2 put up a nice site, where he hosts most of the pictures, that are on this page aswell.
    What is so nice about this is, You can view the pictures straight from your 3DS's Web Browser that came out with last 3DS Update.
    -The Up-side of this is, it's fast, it's easy and you don't need to download all these packs, but can click on each individual picture to view them in mere seconds!
    and its probably better with this method for people with slow internet connection.
    -The Down-side is that, everytime you want to watch a different picture, you have to wait longer then when you have them all set on your 3DS from the packs.

    I am really impressed with this idea and I Have tried it myself, and like it a lot so far!!
    So give it a chance and check out this fantastic website!!
    ---->>Game Crunch 3D Screenshots LINK<<----

    And M[ u ]ddy, for telling me how to shrink the screenshots in weight [​IMG]
    Also to TheWon for making this awesome video!!

    QUOTE(TheWon @ Apr 7 2011, 12:36 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

    I had to make a video about this! All credit given in the video! Also sent this to GoNintendo so expect traffic to pick up!

    And to Truth:

    QUOTE([Truth] @ Apr 5 2011, 11:30 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

    I uploaded all (shrunken) image-sets up to wind waker in one zip to multiupload:
    http://www.multiupload.com/OCHWM3D92L (45 MB)

    Thx Eighteen for the awesome work! [​IMG]


    Q: How do I put the pictures on my 3DS to begin with?!
    A: I will explain here 1 way to put them on your SD card for use on your 3DS.
    When you download a Picture pack, make sure you have winrar or something similar to open the *.rar File.
    Second, double click the *.rar file you will see a ''DCIM'' Folder sitting there.
    Left click that folder and Drag it over to the ROOT of the SD card. (means you open an SD card via your pc, let's say it will be directory x: , you drag the DCIM folder in x: )
    once all files are transferred, you push that sucker in your 3DS, and goto the 3DS Camera channel.

    Now depending on how many pictures at once you want to load, the time for a message popup, the time can vary.
    If you don't get a pop up right away, try touching the button on the bottom left of the screen, that sais: ''View photos''
    if you push that and you still don't get any pop up.... just wait.
    and if that doesn't help, go make some tea, and come back, you will probable see the message then anyhoo.
    (in layman's terms, the wait can take up to um.. i don't know, but one time i had to wait like 5 full minutes for the message to pop up)
    (if you put all the pictures I have uploaded so far, it can take much longer then that!!).
    so bottom line, Have a bit of patience ;D

    Q: What do I need to make these picures??
    A: A 3D monitor, a good graphics card from Nvidia, 3Dvision and Dolphin for PC.
    (If you have all that and want to know how, you can PM me)

    Q: Can you do ps2 games?
    A: Ps2 games have a weird way or rendering 3D, I don't exactly know how, but I have read they don't use a Z-Depth,
    in other words, even if i could force the game in 3D, all you would see is a flat image (the same probably goes for PSP

    Q: Can I use your pictures on my website or something similar?
    A: Yes, only if you ask permission and give credit to me.
    Also put a Link to this page on your site.

    Games that are NOT working:
    -Bit.Trip Series (might get it to work later, but don't count on it too much)
    -New Super Mario Bros.
    -Another Code R
    -Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
    -Super Mario Sunshine (Might work later on)
    -Baten Kaitos series
    -Resident evil, All Classic-gameplay-types prior to RE 4 (Ex. resident evil sero)
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  2. Dead End

    Dead End GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 12, 2009
    United States
    Will you Do requests??

    Im loading them onto my SD Card, Cant wait to see em..
  3. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Yeah sure, If I have that game, I can do it for you!!
    Tell me, and I will think about it [​IMG]
  4. Dead End

    Dead End GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 12, 2009
    United States
    You could always just temporarily Download the game for the pictures..
    and Ill have list soon...

    And the Pictures are Awesome...
    I hope they make an F Zero for the 3DS...
  5. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Hah, No problem =^^=

    And yeah, I played F sero a lot, I like fast things. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. M[u]ddy

    M[u]ddy GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 4, 2009
    One tip:

    The downscaling of the 3DSes photo channel is not that good.
    Most pictures will look better if you scale them down yourself.
    It will also save a lot of space and the 3DS can open them faster.
  7. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Yes, I have tried that.
    I started with the lowest resolution at first, and then higher and higher to see the diffrences.
    most of the 16:9 resolutions that I tried ended up in using only a part of the screen.

    It was also tedious work finding the right Resolution wich was best [​IMG]
  8. M[u]ddy

    M[u]ddy GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 4, 2009
    The 3DSes screens resolution is 400x240.
    You just have to scale down to the highest resolution, that still fits.
    For 16:9 pictures that would be 400x225.
  9. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Hmm, I Think I tried that one already, I think my game crashed when I tried that.
    but oh yeah XD I use a newer emulator.
    You're right, I should try it again. [​IMG] Thanks!

    *note* I have already made Mario kart screenshots (Wich I will upload in a few minutes.)
    So those are still in bigger sise, but I will try and lower them later on.
  10. M[u]ddy

    M[u]ddy GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Sep 4, 2009
    Scaling down will look better than rendering directly to that resolution.
    It gives the image natural anti-aliasing.
  11. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Oh thanks, I was about to render it directly xD.
    Good thing you told me, lol [​IMG]

    *note* List is updated
  12. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Yay It works now, I tested it with 1 screenie of Smash Bros. X and it went from 1,247kb to 190kb [​IMG]!!!

    So from now on I'll make them lots smaller. [​IMG]
  13. khan

    khan GBAtemp Maniac

    Mar 17, 2003

    Are you going to re-do old images? like Murasama to save space? Thanks anyway
  14. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    I will eventually, don't worry [​IMG]

    EDIT: Ah well, there are only 12 screenies, I can do it right away ^^
  15. hksrb25s14

    hksrb25s14 GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 17, 2006
    United States
    Zelda 3 for the SNES in 3D would be sweet looking
  16. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Yeah lol, I love 2D things converted to 3d, like muramasa and selda [​IMG]
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Newbie

    Grr... wobble them so we can have a preview
  18. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    Srry it's kinda hard work already, I'm busy for like 8 hours now.
    Google a 2D pic if you want a preview then [​IMG] You're Welcome.
  19. Deleted User

    Deleted User Newbie

    'tis quite simple actually. Just show one picture after the other to show a wobbling anaglyph effect. If only I had a 3DS, I'd view the pics too

    edit: http://wiggle.sourceforge.net/
  20. Eighteen

    OP Eighteen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Mar 17, 2009
    I might check it out, whenever I feel like it, this all is taking a lot of time already.
    I know it's easy, I originally wanted to do it with the first game, but it looked weird, so I left it out. [​IMG]

    *note* List updated.
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