Take apart Gameboy Advance game

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  1. thehritzinator

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    May 17, 2010
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    is it possible to take apart a Gameboy Advance game and install a different game on it? or is it possible to take apart the game and make a wad for playing on the Wii?
  2. Gore

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    Err no. Not possible. Sorry.
  3. mrgone

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    you have 2 two questions:
    1a. possibly, friend did it on gameboy (mono)
    only works, if the games have the same board, so you only switch a chip
    1b. i have seen a guide on the net for building a snes module with secret of mana 2 (seiken densetsu 3) on it: it involved flashing eeproms and substituting
    so my answer for 1 is: possibly, but it's really hard

    2. i have seen no gba games for vc, so i guess not
  4. Overman1977

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    Feb 22, 2009
    I'd have to agree ^
  5. amptor

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    It is possible but it is a lot of work. You'd be better off buying a flash cart. Probably cheaper too.

    What is involved though. Well first of all you'd have to desolder the mask ROM chip (the IC that contains the game) and then you'd have to solder a flashRAM chip in its place and you'd also need a custom programmer that could interface with the GBA port on the cart and also would be able to program the chip through the circuitry that is there.

    You'd end up having to build a flashRAM chip onto the cart and also would have to build a programmer. I've done it before with GB/GBC, but I haven't heard of anyone making one from scratch for GBA.

    Or I guess you could use an eeprom programmer and program an eeprom and solder it right onto where the mask ROM was. But I dunno why anyone would want to do either of these two things. It'd waste a lot of time.
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    ^ This... Everyone ignore the fact that this is way over my head... But I wish I could do these things.
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    To put another game on a legit cart looks like this, requires LOTS of soldering and knowhow to program a chip:

    As for the Wad files, NO need to, someone already made emulators for the wii. Currently Wii doesn't do GBA in the virtual console. You should be asking in the wii section for that.

    It is faster to just buy a real game or a flashcart to play games on like the EZ-Flash IV, and your assured to be able to play games.