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    So.... this is odd for me to be asking questions around here, but im stumped on this.

    I had told my best friend to not update after 10.3, so this weekend we went and downgraded his 3DS and restored to an old emunand backup from 6.2. Used sysupdater to restore his old nand (cause paranoid about downgrade issues). He is currently sitting on a 9.2 sysnand unlinked from a 10.5 emunand. We backed up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire through Save Manager homebrew and restored it on his emunand successfully keeping all his data.... however this didnt work with Super Mystery Dungeon and we backed it up through the system settings. We are now trying to restore the save file in his emunand but were unable to, we restored it but it resulted in a corrupt save. Any ideas?
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    The built-in "save data backup" saves the encrypted .sav file and will only work on the NAND in which it was created. I suspect there is a way to decrypt this .sav file if you still have access to that NAND (i.e. in this case your 9.2 sysNAND) [EDIT: I think decrypt9 can maybe do this with the SD decrypt feature but I have no idea at all] but the easier way is to use a homebrew save data extractor. SVDT is your best bet there.

    If you uninstalled Super Mystery Dungeon:
    1. Get Super Mystery Dungeon back on the sysNAND if it isn't there now (and as always be careful doing stuff on your sysNAND)
    2. Restore the save file in sysNAND into the game with the built-in restore function (this might actually happen automatically when you unwrap)
    3. Use svdt to extract the save from your sysNAND
    4. Get into emuNAND and get to the Homebrew Launcher. Easiest way to do this is with the Homebrew Loader .cia (github yellows8 hblauncher_loader).
    5. Use svdt to inject your save to Super Mystery Dungeon on emuNAND
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