Homebrew Supersonic Wii Video Preview!


Master Of Hardcore!
Sep 21, 2008
Redcar, England UK
I've been working on my game since July, and figured it's time for a little pre-release video to show you all what's coming next week


The game looks amazing! Anyone have any ideas of the name of the original song playing in the background (not the remix which is playing)?
Thanks ... The artist of the song says "A lot of affection from RMB's Experience."

Originally Posted by djdynamite123
i like the tunage in the youtube video, hey mate you into hardcore? i actually produce some tracks myself, this sounds like someone like me would have produced it, nice samples in that tune, bit off topic but im a home producer DJ!
Well this version at the moment isn't great for sampled music (MP3s, OGGs, etc.) due to its stage formats being based off of AmplituDS's, which uses the more space-conserving MOD/XM/S3M/IT format. I do plan on making a new stage format that works better with that kind of music after this release though, and I'd love to have someone like you who could provide me with some "master tracks" for songs/stages (split up into different instrument parts so the game can mute them accordingly)
Have any samples btw? I'd be interested to hear them.

It looks insanely difficult. I've never been a fan of guitar hero/ddr/whatever games. I really hate them for many reasons. So naturally, I'll be giving this one a pass... but I'm sure it must be great for people who are into that kind of stuff. The graphics are very nice.
Well that is the "Insane" difficulty I was playing on, and I've been playing AmplituDS for a while (playing it made me want to do a Wii remake). When I first started playing AmplituDS I sucked at Easy, and had never played Guitar Hero. I got better and haven't stopped playing these kinds of games

Wow, that looks great and the music is awesome. But it looks like there is a lack of SPEED in the gameplay
Oh you'd be surprised at just how hard it is to play that stage on Insane

I guess I could add a "hyperspeed" cheat if you want it to look faster.

I'm greatly disappointed to see an extreme lack of knowledge/credit toward the original actual game this concept is from. Though the author does state that AmplituDS inspired him to make this, he is really making a remake of a remake.

AmplituDS is called so because it is inpsired by the original, called Amplitude. A superb and addicting game for the PS2.

Here's a video of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB9ZhLBSoBQ
Ah, the voice of reason.

Totally true, although I disagree about the lack of credit. I typically attribute AmplituDS because I've never played Amplitude (don't have a PS2). AmplituDS implies Amplitude, and the post over at wii.ds-scene by DarkEz is the only post with a lengthened description, which calls it an Amplitude clone. If you were to read the only other comprehensive source on this game (http://www.supersonicwii.com/about) you'll find full credit to its origins.

As for the lack of knowledge, Amplitude and FreQuency are just little-known games for whatever reason. I'd personally never heard of them before finding AmplituDS (I still mean to track down a copy of Amplitude and a used PS2 some day).

I just can't imagine how the controls would be though.
The control schemes are also listed on the about page, I personally use the "Nunchuk Insanity" scheme which seems to be the best for true Insane-level playing (unless you can use the GH3 controller's fret buttons with amazing precision). I'll admit that the Wii doesn't have the most idea controller options for this game, but when you get into it you don't care anymore
(Also we'll see about a USB HID driver for PS2-to-USB devices sometime in the distant future)

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