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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by drfsupercenter, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Before I say anything, I know the Supercard doesn't work with the DSi. Please don't respond saying what an idiot I am for expecting it to etc... I knew full well it wasn't going to work (And have since then ordered an AceKard, which I will be using when it comes)

    However, I did notice something weird. You know how the Supercard One doesn't show the DS menu at all (even if you hold start when turning it on)? Well, I put it in the DSi and it actually showed something. It reads as follows:
    And beneath it there's a little picture of a DS cartridge with "SC DS" written. Whether or not the Micro SD is there, it still shows that same .nds file. So I'm curious... is there some way that firmware can be updated, so that the DSi reads it as a game cartridge (or something like what the AceKard 2i does, whatever that is)? I thought it would just crash and/or say "Invalid game", but it doesn't... the SuperCard is actually programmed with a title and icon like any other game, which is why I'm curious about this.

    Anyone else know anything about SuperCards and if/when they're gonna work with DSis (Whether that means making an entirely new chipset or not, I dunno)
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    There's a firmware that is flashed into the cart so it can be read without a micro sd.

    The current DSL carts will never be able to get working with a DSi because of hardware reasons.
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    So whan are the supercard team gona rls a dsi version??,im in the market for a dsi card and im thinking of getting a R4i (but would prefer to get a supercard) and a 16 gig micro sd [​IMG]
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    if you can find a website that gives away free games in a bin. file download it and put it on your sd card and the dsi will read it as a game.
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    wtf are you talking about? GTFO.
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    Actually, there's a thing called the "SuperMate". Team SC sold it along the SCDSOne in those countries which outlawed flashcards.
    The flashcards come actually without a firmware, so you have to flash it yourself. I guess the firmware is updateable, then?

    If that's so, they'd just have to release a DSi compatible firmware (will the header of a real game suffice... or it actually needs the ENTIRE game in it?), and we would have the one and only DS flashcard updateable to DSi [​IMG]

    Wishful thinking [​IMG]
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    wont work.. lol
    first the cards boots then the firmware or whatever is on the microsd loads
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