Super Smash Bro Ultimate on Switch - How do the N64 emulated stages and characters feel?

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by dman777, Jan 1, 2019.

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    When I played emulated Mario Tennis 64 on the Wii, the game play and also AI did not feel the same as it did on the original Nintendo 64.

    If I bought the switch, it would only be for the new Smash brothers. Does anyone know - How do the N64 stages and characters play on the switch version? Aside from the graphics being better, which is fine by me, does the AI and N64 characters feel the same as the original Smash Brothers N64? Or would I notice a difference like I did with the Mario Tennis 64 emulation on Wii?
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    they aren't emulated, they are recreated. most of it is true to the original stages but its just a little more hd, also hyrule castle's tornado thing is hd. idk if its just me but i think some parts of the stages weren't grabbable in the original game and they are now?
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    The stages seem pretty much the same, but the game mechanics and overall feel is very different, obviously. IIRC Smash 64 ran at or below 30 FPS, so everything felt much slower even if it wasn't necessarily so. Ultimate is even faster-paced than Sm4sh.
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