Super Bomberman R Update 2.0 including new 3 vs. 3 game mode and new story content is out now


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Sep 14, 2009
One of the switch launch titles Super Bomberman R is getting a big free update today. This Update contains new 3 vs. 3 game modes and a whole new world ("World 7- Bomber Planet World") for the story mode. There are also available: 3 new battle stages 10 new characters and 9 new accessories.

Ver.2.0 Update Notice
The new Battle Mode "Grand Prix" has been added.
The Grand Prix mode offers the following new features from normal battles.
-Each battle is 2 rounds and the team with the most total points wins.
-Each character has different power-ups.
-When you lose a life in the Grand Prix mode, you are resurrected after a certain time instead of turning into a Miso Bomb.
-Soft blocks will start falling after a certain time has elapsed.
You can play with the following two rules.
Crystal - Compete points by collecting the crystals in the stage.
Basic Bomber - Compete points by defeating the opponent team.
-The Bomberman Bros. each have different individual characteristics but can equip a cartridge to gain features and special abilities of other characters.
-Up to 6 Nintendo Switch can be connected in the Grand Prix mode for a network battle.

10 new characters are available in the shop.
-Option Bomber - A
-Option Bomber - B
-Reiko Bomber
-Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
-Jehuty Bomber
-Anubis Bomber
-Dracula Bomber
-Princess Tomato Bomber
-Bubble Head Bomber
-Goemon Bomber

The Bomber Planet World can be accessed when beating the Story Mode in Standard Mode.

Two new Battle Stages for Standard Mode are available in the shop.
-Nine Areas
-Critical Path

9 new accessories are available in the shop.

-Starry Sky Solar System Series
-Crab Series
-Castlevania Series
-Gradius Series
-Silent Hill Series
-Rumble Roses Series
-Tokimeki Memorial Series
-Mystical Ninja Series

The performance of Belmont Bomber, Vic Viper Bomber and Pyramid Head Bomber's special abilities have been adjusted.

The punch and kick controls have been slightly adjusted.

The camera work has been slightly adjusted.

Fixed other various small bugs.

After three big updates this year (april, june and november) Super Bomberman R has been grown from a medicore game to a good game. The price of the game is still high for what it is offering but if you already own the game, now is the time to give the game another chance.

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Whenever I read about Bomberman I can't help but wonder why there is no 3DS version.

Sure, the DS one still works fine since its backwardscompatible, yet it still seems very odd...

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