Suggest: Private Group "block" button to stop join spam from same user, 30 days Timer


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Sep 25, 2021
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Suggesting to implement a few Options to help moderate a private group with 400 users

we have the problem that some users force themselves to join a Group even after being Denied multiple Times
example one user has tried to join the Group over 40 times
we have 7 moderators, all of us receive 40+ join request spam

we wanted to make rules for joining the Group and based on them we add users, we can not explain it to every member why they get denied to prevent Public Rants

marking the user with with leave and ignore future messages, does not work, we still receive the group join request

can i have some tools like:
  • after a user has been denied access to join: it should be at least a 30 days timeout or a one week delay timer to stop him from invite Spam.

  • add "block" button if possible to block users who spam join.

  • Ban or block a user after spamming the Private Threads after X amount of posts.

  • all users who got Moderator access should be able to Remove/kick users from a Group, Currently only the creator of the Group can remove users.

  • at least 2 users should have full access to what they can edit or do in a Group, in case one person stop using the Forum, the second one in command can pick up and continue to fully moderate the group.

  • there are another problem that we have users who create several fake GBAtemp Profile Alt accounts, just to join a private group and Sabotage the work being done, can we suggest to implement a system that auto detects users with Alt accounts in the Forum to block their access from joining the Private Group section at least
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