1. nimzxx

    OP nimzxx Newbie

    Oct 13, 2016
    hi guys, i have here ps4 that came to me with a pulsing blue light, first thing i do is the random stuff, check thing and all, no luck with that, so i reflowed it with flux, put new thermal paste on it, and got a little lucky,

    i can now boot into safemode, updated the FW but now comes the unny stuff, it boots into OS but at a few moments i hear a glitchg sound out the tv and screen goes black, white led stays on, when i shut it down i can revive the system with the controller but the pulsing blue led is back, when i boot in to safe mode and reintiliasse the system story begins from the front, i really havent a clue whats on.

    any advice would be welcome
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